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Title: You’re Only Mine
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 150
Director: Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Ma Joo Hee
Broadcast network: SBS, every Monday to Friday 08:30am
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-20


Here is three type of mother.

A mother with endless desires who wants to put her son in the higher society. For her desire, she divorces her son and his wife, then, her son marries again with conglomerate’s daughter.

A selfish mother who chooses to marry again instead of her son.

A honest diligent mother who raises three kids alone with hard working attitude.
The drama will tell how the honest kind of mother and daughter win against evils.

Character Description

Ko Eunjung

She lost everything after she accepted her mother-in-law’s suggestion.
But, she succeeded to turn her life around from her unfortunate situation.

From a poor shoe cleaner’s daughter, and, from the plain housewife, she turns her life around to become the director of a big shoe company.

Lee Joonha

“How was your life? I lost you in the past. But, never again! I will not forgive the person who makes you and my brother like this!”

His mother gave up him for to marry again with a a rich man

He was 1st lover of Eunjung.

He has warm heart. He thinks humanity first rather than interests. He prefers love rather than material success. He accepts and loves Eunjung, just the way she’s.
Though he is a good man, he punishes evils awfully when the evil touches him.

Kang Sungjae

“Ask to anybody. Whom will you choose as your wife? Whom will you choose between daughter of poor shoe cleaner and wealthy conglomerate’s daughter? Do you think Junha can be your protector?”

His family has money, but not education.
So, her mother always wants to get good reputation from other people.
So, she pushed her son to be a lawyer.
He made it after a hard study.

After that, he married Eunjung, a woman from al low class family, but soon he knew reality.
Eunjung is obstacle for him to get into higher society.

Lee Yoora

“Kang Sungjae, Is this a good wife that you want? If you obey me, I can give what you want”

She is Joonha’s sister. Conglomerate’s daughter. She is hot-temper and passionate. She is capable for her job. But, she is not so smart to control men. When she sees her type of man, she just marches to him. She cannot hide her heart.

Main Cast

Lee Min Young as Go Eun Jung
Jung Sung Hwan as Lee Joon Ha
Song Jae Hee as Kang Sung
Han Da Min as Lee Yoo Ra

Eun Jung’s family

Sun Woo Eun Sook as Na Soon Shim (Eun Jung’s mother)
Lee Yeon Soo as Na Han Shim (Eun Jung’s aunt)
Oh Cho Hee as Go Eun Byul (Eun Jung’s younger sister, Young Sook’s biological daughter)
Lee Myung Hoon as Go Eun Shan (Eun Jung’s younger brother)

Joon Ha’s Family

Lee Hwi Hyang as Jang Young Sook (Yoo Ra’s biological mother
Lee Dong Joon as Lee Byung Joon (Joon Ha’s father)
Jung Shi Yun as Joo Hee Jin (Joon Ha’s sister-in-law, Joon Hyuk’s wife)

Sung Jae’s family

Yoo Hye Ri as Oh Gwang Ja (Sung Jae’s mother)
Moon Chun Shik as Oh Gwang Dal (Gwang Ja’s younger brother)
Yoo So Young as Kang Sung Ah (Sung Jae’s younger sister)

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