Title : Your Woman / Your Lady
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 100+
Producer: Jung Hyo
Screenwriters: Lee Do Yeong
Broadcast network: SBS, every Monday to Friday 08:30am
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-18

Eun Soo died 6 years ago and appears again as Yoo Jung. Opens many secrets and dirty jobs.

Character Description

Oh Yoo Jung / Eunsoo

Woman who lost memory.
She was an orphan. Though the world was not easy for an orphan, she has been aggressive and bright. 6 years ago, she lost all her memory because of an accident. Then a man saved and married her and her life was happy during last 4 years with the name of ‘Yoo Jung’.

Suddenly one day, her husband disappeared. When she visits Manbok Building to search husband’s trace, she happens to meet one man who calls her ‘Eunsoo!’ Then, everything starts.

Kang Jung Hoon

Man who tries to recover memory.
Vice-President of Manbok Food , a company part of Manbok Group. Son of Mr. Kang Manbok who is the chairman of Manbok Group.

Handsome and intelligent man. He met Eunsoo 7 years ago. At first time, it was curiosity. Soon, it became pity, then, love. But his father rejected his love. One day, he heard the news that Eunsoo died because of an accident. Then he changed into a hopeless, cynical and peculiar person.

6 years passed by. After long hard days to forget Eunsoo, he starts to reset his own heart, then he happens to meet a woman who looks like Eunsoo.
Eunsoo, the woman he never forgets, asked him with unfamiliar eye, ‘Please help me to find my husband.’ Junghoon’s heart starts to beat again.

Na Jin Goo

Man who tries to bury memory.
His father is alcoholic, so his childhood life is miserable. After his father died, with his mother he decided to live a normal life.
One day, he hit a woman with his car and that woman didn’t remember anything after woke up.
He did everything for Yoo Jung to pay his guilt, but he also loves her and he finds happiness for the first time in his life.
The wonderful 6 years passed by until his wife starts to find her past.

Min Se Yun

Woman who tries to erase memory.
She’s a successful woman who loves Jung Hoon since she’s 12 years old. She never imagine life without him.
Jung Hoon would be her husband if not because of one shabby girl.
She’s angry and wishes her to die. Suddenly that shabby girl really dies.

Min Dong Yun

Man who erased memory.
President of Manbok Food. Seyun’s older brother.
21 years ago, his father died in tragedy, left him and his younger sister, Se Yun, alone.
Then, came Chairman Kang, his father’s old friend, helped him and said ‘you’re also my son, you should led Manbok with Jung Hoon’.
He believed Chairman Kang’s word and did everything he asked, including cleaned off Eun Soo, which he did for Chairman Kang and his sister, Se Yun, so that Se Yun could marry Jung Hoon.

Suddenly, 6 years later, the dead ‘Eunsoo’ appears again with the name of ‘Yoo Jung’.

Lee Yoo Ri as Oh Yoo Jung
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Jung Hoon
Im Ho as Na Jin Goo
Park Young Rin as Min Se Yeon
Lee Byung Wook as Min Dong Yeon
Jung Han Yong As Kang Man Bok
Lee Mi Young as Ma Pal Soon
Yoon Mi Ra as Park Soon Ja
Kim Ho Chang as Na Dae Goo
No Hyun Hee

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