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Title : Your Neighbor’s Wife
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 22
Director: Lee Tae Gon
Broadcast network: jTBC, Monday & Tuesday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-14 to 2013-Dec-24



Tired of insipid marriage, a mysterious event leads to secret cross romances between two couples who live in the same apartment building by chance.

Character Description

Chae Songha

She is a successful working-mom. She is now a leader of well-known advertising-company. Her husband is a doctor at a big hospital. She has two children. She does not need to envy anybody else.

As a daughter of wealthy family, she never experienced bad-treatments by other people. She never experienced failure. But, her life starts to crack from one sudden moment.

Though she has been praised as a rising star in advertising-business-area, she feels being pushed out to outside. Her relationship with her husband is not so good.

Then, she happens to meet new neighbor, Min Sangsik. He is a sponsor of her company, advertising company. She thought that he is a good friend of her who can help to fix her difficulties.
She does not know it can cause troubles to her……

Ahn Sunkyu

Though he is a doctor at a big hospital, he has no ambition or desire. In one word, he is a Fool’s Gold.

Though he has smart brain, in spite of his skill for operation, he is so poor in relationship with other colleague in the hospital. In front of wife, Songha, who was raised in a wealthy family and goes well in her working place, he feels inferior.

During that time, he meets new neighbor, Kyungjoo. Different than wife, she is faithful stay home wife and has talent for cooking. Whenever she treats him with her own cooked food, he feels that she is an ideal-wife- image for him

Hong Kyungjo

She had decided to marry a man who can help her from poverty. So, when she met Min Sangsik, she married him for one purpose : escaped from poverty.

Before marriage, her husband looked like a good and sincere man.
But, now, he is so stingy and treats her like servant girl. She hates him and can’t stand him anymore.

She starts to prepare something else…..

Min Sangsik

When he was a boy, while he watched his incapable father, he swore that he would never put his family into poverty. So, he has been working for his family without rest. He is a general manager of pharmacy division in big global company.

At early times of his marriage, he thought, it is enough for a wife that she takes care the house and children.
But, as he watched colleagues’ wives who lessens husband’s burden with working or assists their husband brilliantly through other ways, he feels his burden heavier.

During the period, he meets Chae Songha who is intelligent, elegant, spirited.
He feels that she is so different than his wife.

He starts to think “If that kind of a woman would be my wife, I would become a vice-president at the minimum!”


Son Ha/Sun Kyu’s family
Yum Jung Ah as Chae Song Ha
Kim Yoo Suk as Ahn Sun Kyu
Im Shi Eun as Ahn Min Kyung
Im Je Noh as Ahn Min Suk

Kyung Joo/Sang Shik’s family
Shin Eun Kyung as Hong Kyung Joo
Jung Joon Ho as Min Sang Shik
Lee Han Na as Min Eun Mi
Kim Seung Yoon as Min Eun Kyung

Other People
Jung Han Yong as deputy director
Kim Boo Sun as Gook Young Ja
Lee Se Chang as pig daddy
Yoon Ji Min as Ji Young
Yang Jin Woo as Director Jung
Yoon Hong Bin as Tae Ho
Lee Byung Joon as vice president
Kim Yong Hee as Doctor Yoon
Kim Jung Hak as Doctor Jo
Min Kyung Jin as custodian of the apartment
Seo Yi Sook as Ha Sung In
Yum Dong Hun as Managing Director Yang
Jun Jin Woo as Min Shik
Moon Bo Ryung as Eun Chae
Yoon Young Mi (cameo, ep13)

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