Title: Wonderful Mama
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 50
Director: Yoon Ryoo Hae
Screenwriter: Park Hyun Joo
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 20:45
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-13



Yoon Bok Hee is a successful loan shark.
From humble beginning, worked from a tiny market stand , now she owns multi million won buildings.
As she suffers Alzheimer, she wants to make her 3 adults kids grow up before she forgets everything

Character Description

Yoon Bokhee

Charismatic lady.
Chairwoman of Yoon-Holdings Co.Ltd.
Mother of three children, Youngcha, Youngjoon, Youngsoo. Because she lost husband early, she had to concentrate to make money . Then, she became a big palyer in money-lending business area. When she is seized with Alzheimer’s disease, she starts planning to discipline her trouble-maker children

Go Youngchae

Girl-in-vanity, who is crazy for shopping luxurious brand
Bokhee’s first daughter. In spite of hot-temper and trouble maker personality, basically, she is warm and lovely. While she lives happily with mother’s credit card, suddenly one day, she falls down into a poor girl.

Jang Hoonnam

Man, who dreams rich, trains girl-in-vain
Section-chief in Yoon-Holdings Co.Ltd.
As he lost his parents early, he became head-in-household in early age.

Oh Dajung

Lovely empty woman
Go Youngchae’s only friend and Jangho’s wife.
Because her kindness, sometimes her husband and her mother-in-law underestimates her.

Go Youngsoo

From incompetent son to super head-of-household!
Youngchae’s twin brother.
He studied 10 years in United States but he can not speak any single English word. (because he lives in Koreatown while he was in US).He can’t do anything but he talks big because of his mother’s money.
Now, as his mother is bankrupt, he has to earn money by himself.

Ko Youngjoon

Cute Casanova.
Last son of Bokhee.
He spends more time in Kangnam nightclub than school.
There’s always girls around him because he’s handsome.
All he can do only singing and playing but he starts to understand the value of family and efforts.

Jang Ginam

Fool-for-brother. Fool-for-wife. Fool-for-daughter.
Hoonnam’s older brother. He lost parents and became hearing-impaired-person from an accident.
He is a warm man who raises young brother in his early age.
He’s grateful for his wife, daughter, his factory workers who has stayed with him even in long hard times. He always worries he would become a burden for his younger brother, Hoonnam.

Kim Youni

Lovely trustful wife of Kinam.
She married to Kinam although her parents against it. She is the real supportive wife who embraces husband’s shortness, cares factory worker’s much, raises daughter well.

Jang Koeun

What has to be thrown away during part time job? It is love.
Jang Kinam’s only daughter. She cares her father very much.
She’s boyish and only thinks how to help her parents.
One day, one careless boy, Youngjoon, starts to interfere her life.

Lee Jangho

Lonely Yanus.
President of Daeho-rich-Holdings Co.Ltd.
His mother always compares him with his smart younger sister , Sujin.
He always relies on his secretary, Nanhee.

Lee Sujin.

I will make him to love me again.
Section-chief of Daeho-rich Holdings Co. Ltd. She has everything, intelligence, beauty and money.

Choi Eunok

Chairman of Daeho Group.
She has two children, Jangho and Sujin. She is materialistic person.

Lee Jiwoo

Son of Dajung and Jangho.
Love-messenger between Youngsoo and Dajung.

Sasa Kim

If the world does not recognize me, the art would have to cry. (=Why peoples does not understand my arts?)
Kim Youngi’s cousin. He designs cheap clothes in street market. One day, a woman appears and says that ‘a-girl-she-brings is his daughter’. He unintentionally has to live with her.

Jaegal Jumsoon

She looks like a fool but she’s good at breadwinning.
She starts to work at Sasa’s place as a sewer and starts building love


Young Chae’s family

Bae Jong Ok as Yoon Bok Hee
Jung Yoo Mi as Go Young Chae
Kim Ji Suk as Go Young Soo
Park Bo Geum as Go Young Joon
Lee Suk Joon as Han Dong Soo

Hoon Nam’s family

Jung Gyu Woon as Jang Hoon Nam
Ahn Nae Sang as Jang Ki Nam
Kyun Mi Ri as Kim Young Yi
Yoo Young as Jang Ko Eun

Jang Ho’s family

Lee Min Woo as Lee Jang Ho
Lee Chung Ah as Oh Da Jung
Yoo In Young as Lee Soo Jin
Kim Chung as Choi Eun Ok
Hwang Jae Won as Lee Ji Woo

Other people

Hwang Dong Joo as Hong Yoon Jae
Jung Kyung Ho as Sasa Kim
Lee Kyung Sil as Jae Gal Jum Soon
Heo Jung Eun as Kim Ha Pil
Shin Ji Soo as Hee Jin

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