Title: Witch’s Romance / Witch’s Love
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Jung Hyo (Heartless City, I Need Romance 2012)
Screenwriter: Ban Ki Ri, Lee Sun Jung
Broadcast network: tvN, every Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Broadcast Period: 2014-Apr-14


This drama is about romance relationship between 39-year-old career woman and 25-year-old man.

Character Description

Ban Ji Yeon

39 years old single woman. Though she shows self-confidence in front of other persons, internally, she is almost on the stage of nervous-breakdown from her unmarried-status.

Her job is the chief of news-team in weekly newsmagazine
“Trouble Maker”.

She had been a capable local news reporter in big powerful news-company. But, as she disappointed that she had to hide reality sometimes, she quit the big company. Though small, as she expected that her activity would not be limited in “Trouble Maker”, she decided to join “Trouble Maker”.

To forget her past lover who left her right before they were about to get married, she buried herself in works. She published several times special exclusive news that even big-news-company couldn’t do. As a result, she became an ace reporter in her field.

She becomes hot-temper easily. She is sensitive and tough. She shows clearly her likeness and hatred. As she is so strict to her team members, they called her ‘Witch’. But, she does not care the nickname. She thought “Antipathy means another type of interests. It is better than disinterests”

Though she’s a powerful woman in her working place, she shows her cutie and carelessness when she is alone. Talking with answering machine and dancing on young idol group music are her methods of solving stress.

For her mother’s nagging and rubbing-salt-into-wound of Narae (=a friend who just married), she replies “Marriage? It is useless. It is one another thing that you ruin yourself.”

But, though she exaggerates, she can’t avoid her loneliness.

There appears a man who aims her loneliness. It is Yoon Dongha. But, he is 14 years younger than her!! She talks herself that this is impossible! But, she can’t avoid her crushing to him.

Yoon Dongha

25 years old man. He does not have things what he wants to do. Also, he does not have things what he must do. He is a wanderer.

He earns his living while operating concierge service agency . The agency does anything whatever clients want. For example: Santa clause during X-mas or birthday party, body guard for idol group, acting fiancé for lonely person who have to attend party with partner.

As he has handsome face and tall height, as he has bright and pleasant attitude, clients favors him.
But, for him, it is just a disguise to hide sorrow. Actually, he is an heir of well-known doctor family. His grandfather and father was a famous doctor. His father developed a small hospital-inherited-from-grandfather into a big-general-hospital. Dongha also studied in medical school for 3 years. But, when there was an accident of his girlfriend, he quit medical school. The accident remains as an unforgettable trauma.
But, it does not mean that his life is not enjoyable.

Love? It is troublesome things. As he is also a young male, he sometimes falls in sexual drive. But, it is just male’s biological instinct. He has thought that he could not forget ex-girlfriend forever.

One day, Jiyeon appears in his eye. But, she is 14 years older than him. Not 4 years older!

Though she looks well-armed and strong in front of other people, he sees her loneliness and weakness . He wantsto protect her. It is not the emotion of having her. His emotion is to protect and to make her laugh and happy. He becomes embarrassing and confusing.

Noh Shi Hoon

41years old man. Well-known war correspondence.

Though he is thoughtful, righteous, open-minded, he has critical flaw. Though he loves parents, war-orphan, human-beings, he left his beloved-woman in loneliness sometimes. But, Ji Yeon understood and accepted his personality. They believed they would marry.

One day, just a few days before their wedding ceremony, he left for Somalia. Then he never came back for 6 years. He just left a short letter for Jiyun “The marriage with a man-like-me just gives hurt for many persons.” Though he cleaned up relation with Ji Yeon with this letter, actually, he has no other choice at that time with untellable reason.

Now, he wants to start again with Ji Yeon. But, Ji Yeon’s heart closed. Moreover, her eye looks to other man. That man is 14 years younger than her!!
This is an embarrassing situation.

Jung Eunchae

23 years old. Trouble Maker’s intern. Mysterious new worker who falls in fevers-of-1st-love.

Her style is sometimes pure-looks, sometimes poor-looks. Though she likes feminine style with natural long hair and one-piece skirt, her make-up and thick glasses makes people call “Visual-Terrorist”.

Though her current situation is just intern who helps other regular workers with many miscellaneous things, she dreams a dignified career-woman like Jiyun. Though she tries to be good, other team members frequently say bitter words “No spirit as a reporter” “Senses were disappeared right after birth”.

Whenever she earns bitter eyes from team-members, Dongha protects and saves her. Then, she starts to give her heart to Dongha while she even does not know herself.

Yong Soochul

25 Years old man. Best friend of Dongha. President of “Master of Part time Job”. He is always energetic. Mischievous and fickly. Though he is handsome , as Dongha is usually with him, his handsomeness is buried behind Dongha’s handsomeness.

His father is a resort-chain CEO who officially has 6 wives. Soochul is last son of him that he earns Soochul in his age of 60. Soochul sold inherited-land from his father, and bought a luxurious condominium in Seoul.

With the money from father, he opened business “Master of Part time job”. At the times that his business is known to publics, the ill-intentioned article in “Trouble Maker” put his business in crisis.
When he visits “Trouble Maker”, he meets Eunchae. While he feels pathetic for her as she always hang around Dongha, he falls in likeness with her.

Main Cast

Uhm Jung Hwa as Ban Ji Yeon
Park Seo Joon as Yoon Dong Ha
Han Jae Suk as Noh Shi Hoon
Jung Yeon Joo as Jung Eun Chae

People around Ban Ji Yeon

Yang Hee Kyung as Choi Jung Sook (Ji Yeon’s mother)
Ra Mi Ran as Baek Na Rae (Ji Yeon’s friend)
Lee Se Chang as Kang Min Goo (Na Rae’s husband)

People around Yoon Dong Ha

Yoon Hyun Min as Yong Soo Chul (Dong Ha’s friend)

People around Jung Eun Chae

Joo Jin Mo as Kwon Hyun Seob (publisher)


Jun Noh Min as Kim Jung Do (ep 1-2)
Lee Eung Kyung as Baek Soo Jung (ep 1-2)
Sung Ji Roo as security guard
Narsha as shaman
Ryu Dam as witty person

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  • This drama is a remake of Taiwanese popular drama titled ‘Queen of No Marriage‘ in 2007


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