Title:  Keuriseumaseue Nooni Olkkayo / Will It Snow For Christmas?
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Director: Choi Moon Suk (Only You, What Happened in Bali)
Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee (Thanks You, A Love To Kill, MISA)
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS , Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2009-Dec-02


There was love between them.
It was totally love for themselves at first time.
But they had to throw up their love even before their love came to be realized. Definitely, it was sacrifice for them, they didn’t think their love is everything.

Then time passed by. They met again. Take heartache in the arms… healing the pain…, real reconciliation and forgiveness…. They call it love.

Will it be snow in X-mas….
They try to want to see snow.
Like white snow cover softly dirty street and mud, they want to be covered their sorrow.

Will it be snow in X-mas….
Will there keep popping with snow noiselessly….
They pray silently.
For their fairy wish come to be true….

Character Description

will-its-snow-at-christmas-cast-1Cha Kang Jin (Born in 1979/Ko Soo)

He had to use his fist not to be punched.
He had to be strong not to be humiliated.
He must be smart to be alive.
Rule of life learned from heart, not from theory.
Though his life had been floated with his mother who is hooker, that means he must be No.1 man in anywhere. Like that, he always live as a No.1 man.

The only pendant which is left by father, even whose figure of face is not be able to remember. The pendant which engraved humble house, it was the only one dream and hope of Gang Jin. Eighteen years old boy  Gang Jin with the pendant in his neck. At the last times of teen ager, he met Ji Wan. The first person who can meet without any tension which always surrounded him…. The person who taught him that he also can laugh loudly…. Not the son of prostitute, the person who can approach as a person itself….

To find her again, To love again…
He start to voyage of life which is ardent, painful, rough.

will-its-snow-at-christmas-cast-2Han Ji Wan(Born in 1981/Han Ye Seul)

The only daughter of “Myung eui han eui won” which is the most famous family in Sanchung. Bright, cheerful, hot temper about unrighteousness, pitiful, in other word, participant to everything. Sometimes, that habits give her trouble. Her clothes are torn, her hair was pulled off to break up other person’s struggling. She has done many happenings because of her personality. Then, to take Kan Jin’s pendant out of water, she entered water. Her brother jumped to water to save her and he died by heart attack. Her brother Ji Yong was everything to her family, hope, pride, reason of living.

When leave Sanchung, she told farewell to Kang Jin, also to the times of pure and precious. She didn’t know at that time. That feeling, which she thought, that never meet again during her life. The feeling came back to her more than 10 years later. To meet Kang Jin… To love again… She didn’t know at that time that it takes so long time, pain, heartache, twisting, sacrifice and devotion would be necessary.

will-its-snow-at-christmas-cast-3Park Tae Jun (Born in 1978/Song Jong Ho)

He grew up without any difficulties due to his rich family who owning a mid-size enterprise. He met Woo Jung while he studied in Waseda University. At that time, he didn’t know that she was the last daughter of “ Bumseo group” And that fact was not so important either.

Because of the monetary crisis, his family was collapsed, his father lost consciousness, home and all fortunes were taken away. His mother and rest of family members urged him to return and care for family. Though, he didn’t come back to Korea. He finished study hardly while making money in Japan. Then he entered Bumseo enterprise through his own ability. Woo Jung came back as a director of Bumseo group, then announced their relationship to all staffs.

After the fact was known to her parents, her parents made him difficult in various way.  My daughter is not a girl of your status. Tae Jun separated with Woo Jung in that way. Then he met Ji Wan. The person who always smile to him . She rooted for his love with Woo Jung, coached him. The person who angry and suffer more than woo Jung about his contempt and distress. That was Ji Wan.
Tae Jun thought that everything would be fine if he stayed with Ji Wan.

will-its-snow-at-christmas-cast-41Lee Woo Jung (Born in 1979/Sun Woo Sun)

Last daughter of Mr. Lee Sung Hwan who has 7th largest group, Bumseo, in Korean economy. The Chairman of Bumseo group is her grandfather. Her mother is also a daughter of big company group. So, she has a awareness of superiority, elitism to the bone. She is extremely cold or hot according to situation. Differently from other family member who entered top class university through donation, she entered Waseda university by her own ability. She met Tae Jun over there. After came back to Korea, she still love Tae Jun and announce their love proudly. But, opposition of her family was more than her thought. Tae Jun wanted to separate with her ar that time. Knowing that Tae Jun received money easily from her father for the separation with her, she felt desperation about herself who sticked to love which is so vain. She swear herself that she would never fall in love except with herself, because there are no real love in world.

Main Cast
Go Soo as Cha Kang Jin
Kim Soo Hyun  as Kang Jin (teen)
Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan
Nam Ji Hyun as Ji Wan (teen)
Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo Jung
Song Jong Ho as Park Tae Jun
Jo Min Soo as Cha Chun Hee (Kang Jin’s mother)
Suk Jin Yi  as Lee Jin Kyung
Yang So Young  as Jin Kyung (teen)
Kim Joon Hyung as Kyung Soo
Chun Ho Jin as Han Joon Soo
Kim Do Yun  as Seo Young Sook
Song Joong Ki as Han Ji Yong
Kim Ki Bang as Cha Boo San
Kim Kwang Min  as Seo Jae Hyun
Min Ji Young as Miseu Sun
Kim In Tae as Noh Soo


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Episode 1  2009/12/2–8.6
Episode 2  2009/12/3–7.7
Episode 3  2009/12/9–7.2
Episode 4  2009/12/10–7.8
Episode 5  2009/12/16–9.9
Episode 6  2009/12/17–9.4
Episode 7  2009/12/23–16.4
Episode 8  2009/12/24–15.6
Episode 9  2010/1/6–14.5
Episode 10 2010/1/7–12.7
Episode 11 2010/1/13–10.8
Episode 12 2010/1/14–11.5
Episode 13 2010/1/20–9.7
Episode 14 2010/1/21–10.2
Episode 15 2010/1/27–9.1
Episode 16 2010/1/28–10.9

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