Title: Whisper
Genre: Legal, Political, Romance
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Director: Lee Myung Woo
ScriptWriter: Park Kyung Soo
Broadcast network: SBS, Every Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2017-March-27 to 2017-May-16


Shin Young Joo (Lee Bo Young) is a female detective, a section chief with charisma, although she spends most of her time with petty criminals. She has to pay the debt of her family and speaks often harshly, but inside she has a golden heart. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) is a righteous elite judge, brilliant in mind, but with a warm heart and he has always a friendly ear for those, who are weak. Both work together to solve a case of corruption, involving the greatest law firm of the nation, Taebak, which turns out to be one of the biggest scandals ever.

Main Cast

Lee Sang Yoon as Lee Dong Joon
Lee Bo Young as Shin Young Joo
Kwon Yool as Kang Jung Il
Park Se Young as Choi Soo Yeon

Supporting Cast

Yoon Joo Hee as Hwang Bo Yeon
Kim Kap Soo as Choi Il Hwan
Kim Hong Fa as Kang Yoo Taek
Kang Shin Il as Sin Chang Ho (Young Joo’s father)
Kim Hae Sook as Kim Sook Hee (Young Joo’s mother)
Kim Chang Hwan as Lee Ho Bum (Dong Joon’s father)
Kim Seo Ra as Jung Mi Kyung (Dong Joon’s mother)
Moon Hee Kyung as Yoon Jung Ok
Kim Hyung Mook as Song Tae Gon
Kim Roe Ha as Baek Sang Goo
Jo Dal Hwan as Jo Kyung Ho
Lee Hyun Jin as Park Hyun Soo
Heo Jae Ho as Noh Ki Yong
Jung Yi Yun as Jo Yeon Hwa
Jo Seung Yoon as Lee Dong Min
Chae Dong Hyun as Police Detective
Lee Kyung Jin

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