Title: What is Mom / Mom Is Acting Up
Genre: Family, sitcom
Episodes: 100+
Broadcast network: MBC, every Monday to Friday 19:45
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-08


Na Moon Hee is a single mom who runs a noodle shop.
Her children were mature an independent. But after they’re jobless, they have to live with their mom again and run the noodle shop. 

Character Description

Na Munhee
65 years old. President of ‘Mrs. Na noodles’. As she runs business and family by herself without husband, she has to raise children with rigid principle. So, her children respect and obey her . But, she is a lonely woman.

Park Junghak
45 years old. First son. He was an expected son in poor family. He graduated from good college and entered good company.
But, after being fired because of mistakes, he works as a staff of ‘Mrs. Na Noodles’ while dreaming recovery.

Park Misun
40 years old. She is an intelligent woman. Though she is a symbol of intelligence, actually, she is just a temporary instructor for 15 years.

Park Suh Hyung
40 years old. ‘Mrs. Na Na noodles’ counter.
When her husband’s company went bankrupt, she fell down from noble woman. But, she is still bright and feminine.

Ryu Seungsoo
42 years old. Son-in-law. Writer. He is a poet and novelist. His first-and-last novel ‘Loneliness of Hera’ was a fail. Since then, he writes anything to make money.

Park Jihye
21 years old. Last daughter. ‘Mrs. Na noodles’ manager. She was a brilliant girl in school. Instead of entering college, she started to make money in early age.

Park Saeron.
14 years old. Though she is an ordinary girl who feels boring easily, she is patient for love. Though she does not follow parent’s word, she considers Myungsoo’s (=older boy in next house) word as golden rule. She wants to grow up fast so she can have a lover. Cute girl.

Kim Byungman
35 years old. Parking man who controls parking lot of ‘Mrs. Na noodles’. Uncle of Myungsoo and Yunsuk.

Kim Yunsuk
28 years old. Oldest nephew of Byungman. He is a peasant who believes agriculture is the future.

Kim Myungsoo
21 years old. Little nephew of Byungman. College boy. Handsome and stylish boy.

Goo Jamyung
21 years old. Assistance in kitchen. He agrees and follows Byungman in everything.

Yoo Ara
21 years old. The worker for Hall serving. The only person who talks to Mrs.Na frankly what she wants to say. Though she works in ‘Mrs. Na noodles’ because she gets hourly wage which is higher than other part time job, she is too pretty for the place.

Na Moon Hee as Na Moon Hee
Kim Suh Hyung as Kim Suh Hyung
Ryu Seung Soo as Ryu Seung Soo
Kim Byung Man as Kim Byung Man
L / Kim Myung Soo as Kim Myung Soo
Yoo Yun Suk as Yoo Yun Suk
Kim Sae Ron as Kim Sae Ron
Park Mi Sun as Park Mi Sun
Park Jung Hak as Park Jung Hak
Shin So Yool as Shin So Yool
Yoo Ah Ra as Yoo Ah Ra

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