Title : The Wedding Scheme / Marriage Plot
Genre : romantic comedy
Episode : 16
Director : Lee Min Woo
Scriptwriter : Park Hyung Jin
Broadcast station : tvN, every  Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Broadcast period : 2012-April- 2 to 2012-May-22

A mother with 4 daughters is scheming her grown up daughters to move in with the candidates for their future husbands.

Character Description

Yoo Kun Hee (31)
Second daughter of boarding house
Greedy and selfish but competitive career woman. She’s independent and thinks that marriage is just a handcuff for woman’s life.

Lee Kang Jae (32)
Lodger in boarding house
The son of a big food company. A macho type , sly but soft. He’s a capable man but if there’s something he doesn’t like, he won’t do it until death

Yoo Sun Hee (33)
First daughter of boarding house
She protects her family. After her father died, she sacrificed her own life to take care her siblings for her mother

Seo Jang Won (35)
Lodger in boarding house
Single man. His job is stunt director. Because of a bitter love in the past , he has no desire for new romance.

Yoo Min Jung (24)
Third daughter of boarding house
Bright and pretty. She likes to enjoy expensive goods. She wants rich man without brain

Yoo Min Ji (21)
Fourth daughter of boarding house
She’s cynical and behaves like old woman. She likes to involve in other people’s business. She failed to pass college entrance – exam  three times but she’s still not  interested in study.

She wants to be movie director and always keeps a camcorder to take shoot of her family

Kim Sun Dol (29)
Lodger in boarding house
City boy who loves hip hop and rap music. He likes Min Jung but she doesn’t’ have any interest in him because he’s not handsome.
But after his true identity (the only son of a big land owner in Los Angeles) unveiled, everything changes.

Park Se Won (24)
Lodger in boarding houseHis father was suddenly rich which makes him wastes family money as he wishes. After his family kicks out him from their house, he lives in the boarding house.

Park Soo Ho (35)
Lodger in boarding house
He’s Kun Hee’s senior . He always stands beside Kun Hee’s side with contorting words and behaviors.

Kang Hye Jung as Yoo Gun Hee
Lee Kyu Han as Lee Gang Jae
Lee Young Eun as Yoo Sun Hee
Lee Min Woo as Seo Jang Won
Kim Se Jung as Yoo Min Jung
Park Min Ji as Yoo Min Ji
Suh Jae Kyung as Kim Soon Dol
Kim Jae Deuk as Park Se Won
Kim Won Joon as Park Soo Ho
Cha Hwa Yun as So Doo Ryun
Yoon Joo Sang as Lee Hak Goon
Jung Seung Ho as Jang Duk Pal
Kim Ik Tae as Director Park
Park Ga Won as Lee Ha Na
Son Jung Min as Choi Bella

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