Title: Warm and Cozy
Previously known as: Jeju Island Gatsby
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 
Director: Park Hong Kyun
Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran
Broadcast network: MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2015-May-13 to 2015-July-02



This drama is about a romance story between a man and a woman who relocate to beautiful Jeju Island to get away from the harsh city life.

Baek Geun Woo (Yoo Yun Suk) is the owner and chef of the restaurant “Warm and Cozy”. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) is a clothing company employee who to start a new life in Jeju Island after loses her job and her boyfriend. These two main characters will learn to love each together.


Yoo Yun Suk as Baek Gun Woo
Kang So Ra as Lee Jung Joo

Supporting Cast
Lee Sung Jae as Song Jung Geum
Kim Sung Oh as Hwang Wook
Seo Yi Ahn as Mok Ji Won
Jin Young as Jung Poong San
Ok Ji Young as Cha Hee Ra
Lee Han Wie as Gong Jong Bae
Kim Hee Jung as Kim Hae Shil
Kim Mi Jin as Bu Mi Ra
Lee Hwi Hyang as Baek Se Young (Gun Woo’s mother)
Lee Yong Yi as No Bok Nyeo
Goo Bon Im as Ko Yoo Ja
Choi Sung Min as Park Dong Soo


Muzie as a pervert
So Ji Sub as cafe owner (ep.1)
Go Kyung Pyo as Lee Jung Min (ep.1-2)
Kim Won Ho
Shim Jin Hwa
Lee Joong Moon as Jung Joo’s boyfriend
Samuel Okyere as Sam (Diver student)
Choi Jae Sung as Gun Woo’s father
Na Seung Ho
Shin Dong Mi

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Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-05-13 1 6.4 7.8 (19th) 6.3 7.3 (19th)
2015-05-14 2 5.8 7.5 5.6 6.5
2015-05-20 3 7.7 (19th) 10.1 (11th) 6.6 (20th) 7.5 (16th)
2015-05-21 4 6.7 8.4 (16th) 6.7 (20th) 7.4 (17th)
2015-05-27 5 7.7 (16th) 9.1 (11th) 7.0 (18th) 7.7 (16th)
2015-05-28 6 7.8 (17th) 11.0 (10th) 7.5 (16th) 8.3 (14th)
2015-06-03 7 8.2 (17th) 9.8 (11th) 7.0 (19th) 8.1 (15th)
2015-06-04 8 7.6 (19th) 10.2 (12th) 7.6 (17th) 8.2 (14th)
2015-06-10 9 8.6 (17th) 10.9 (8th) 8.1 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2015-06-11 10 8.5 (18th) 11.3 (9th) 8.8 (18th) 9.2 (16th)
2015-06-17 11 7.6 (18th) 10.3 (9th) 7.8 (15th) 8.7 (13th)
2015-06-18 12 7.5 (19th) 9.2 (14th) 8.2 (15th) 9.0 (12th)
2015-06-24 13 7.1 9.0 (13th) 7.5 (17th) 7.8 (14th)
2015-06-25 14 7.2 (20th) 9.2 (19th) 7.6 (19th) 8.6 (16th)
2015-07-01 15 8.5 (16th) 11.0 (8th) 7.7 (15th) 8.4 (13th)
2015-07-02 16 7.7 (18th) 9.0 (12th) 7.6 (17th) 8.3 (16th)


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