"vampire idol korean drama"

Title : Vampire Idol
Genre : Sitcom
Episode : 120
Director : Lee Gun Wook
Screenwriter : Ha Chul Song, Lee Sung Eun
Broadcast station : MBN, every Monday – Friday 21:30
Broadcast time : 2011-Dec-5

A naïve vampire prince struggles to become a global pop idol in this melodramatic youth sitcom.

Character Description

He gets everything perfect : appearance, character, talent and attitude. But, only when he is the prince of vampire planet

Min Kyung
19 years old, The road manager in Star-managing company. Later she becomes the vocalist in girl group.

Dong Yup
Manager in Star-managing company. He’s in charge of Vampire-voice. He’s smart in white lie. Everything he said is lie, white lie.

Soo Mi
61 years old, she works in Star managing company. She’s in charge to provide meals in boarding house for the member of Vampire voice .

Soo Hyuk
22 years old, vocalist of Vampire voice. He also plays guitar and drum.

Lee Jung as Prince
Kang Min Kyung as Min Kyung
Shin Dong Yup as Dong Yub
Kim Soo Mi as Soo Mi
Lee Soo Hyuk as Soo Hyuk
No Min Woo
Oh Kwang Rok
Lee Hae In
Kim Hyun Joong (1989)
Hong Jong Hyun
Chun Woo Hee


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