Title: Ugly Cake / Bullying
Genre: Melodrama, family
Episodes: 2
Director: Lee Eun Kyu
Screenwriter: Choi Hyun Kyung
Broadcast network: MBC, every  Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period:2012-Oct-24 to 2012-Oct-25

A drama that describes the social matters of bullying, school violence and such

Character Description

Kim Joo Hee
At first she’s a temporary teacher and only wanted to be hired as a regular teacher.
When she finally being hired as regular teacher, she started to realize the harsh reality of the school.
But, she tried to be a good teacher.
As time passed, the meaning of teacher for her was just a job to earn income.

One day, the school’s principal ordered her to investigate a bullying case in her class. Because one parents complained that their kid was bullied.

Han So Jung
Tour guide
She was Joo Hee’s former junior high school classmate.
She was pretty, smart and popular in the school , her parents were wealthy, father was doctor and mother was famous professional chef.
But that wealthy parents didn’t give her love.
She studied abroad after high school.

But one day her world collapsed when she got a scar in her face and her dream was gone. Later her parents divorced and both remarried.
When she returned to Korea, she found that her father has new family and happy and she hate it.

Oh A Young
Joo Hee and So Jung’s junior high school friend.
Her parents run a small restaurant in countryside and moved to Seoul so that their daughter got a better education.
Oh Ah Young’s real name was Sun Bok and she was bullied by her school friends in Seoul because of her name and her country style.
At that time, So Jung was an angel for Sun Bok because So Jung gave Sun Bok’s father job through So Jung’s father. Moreover, So Jung was so friendly to Sun Bok and advised her to change her name.

But then, So Jung started to bullied Sun Bok too when they were surrounded by other friends. Sun Bok always wanted to ask So Jung, why ?

Oh Tae Soo
Sun Bok’s brother.
After Sun Bok’s accident, everything changed. Their father died regretting why they moved to Seoul.
Tae Soo who was a brilliant student and wanted to enter prestigious university , only graduated from a regular college and became a salaryman. His main duty was caring Sun Bok and his mother.

Actually, he wanted to ask the girl who did bad things to Sun Bok, why she did that. He heard that that girl went abroad to study.
When finally he meets her, he couldn’t ask.
That former pretty girl looks like a hell just like his sister, Sun Bok.


School Officer
Kim Jung Hwa as Kim Joo Hee (school teacher)
Kim Yoo Ri as young Joo Hee
Park Geun Hyung as school principal

Ah Young and Tae Soo’s family
Kyung Soo Jin as Oh Ah Young
Yoon Jung Eun as young Ah Young
Min Suk as Oh Tae Soo (Ah Young’s older brother)
Won Duk Hyun as young Tae Soo
Kim Hye Ok as Lee Jung Ja (Tae Soo and Ah Young’s mother)
Choi Bum Ho as Tae Soo and Ah Young’s father

So Jung and Yong Min’s family
Jang Ji Eun as Han So Jung
Seo Ji Hee as young So Jung
Ji Nam Hyuk as Han Young Min (So Jung’s older brother)
Lee Seung Hyun as young Young Min
Jung Bo Suk as Han Moon Kil (So Jung and Yong Min’s father)

Joo Da Young as Kim Ye Bin
Jo Jung Eun as Lee Se Jin
Kim Bo Ra as Seo Yoo Min

Yoon Yoo Sun as Kim Soo Kyung (Lee Se Jin’s mother)
Kim Na Woon as Kim Ye Bin’s mother

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