Title: Doo Ah-nae / Two Wives
Screenwriter: Lee Yoo Sun
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS, Monday to Friday 19:20
Broadcast period: 2009-May-04 to 2009-Oct-30

Han Ji Sook is a single mother who falls in love with a married man. The man, Kang Chul Soo, already has a family with his wife, Yoon Young Hee. When Young Hee finds out about Chul Soo’s extramarital affair, she distances herself away from him. Eventually they get divorced and Chul Soo starts a new life with Ji Sook. However, as luck would have it Chul Soo gets into a car accident and loses all of his memories of Ji Sook. Young Hee then has to pretend that she and Chul Soo are still married.

Cast Description

two-wive-cast-1Yoon Young Hee (Kim Ji Young)
A loving wife and mother who thought her life was complete until she found out her husband, Chul Soo, was seeing another woman on the side.

She tries to pick up the pieces of her life after their divorce; however, she finds that hard to do when Chul Soo comes back to her after his accident.

two-wive-cast-2Kang Chul Soo (Kim Ho Jin)
Young Hee’s husband who starts an affair with a single mother. Eventually breaks up his family with Young Hee to marry Ji Sook.

However, he gets into a car accident which causes him to lose his memories.


Song Ji Ho (Kang Ji Sub)
Ji Ho meets Young Hee when she backs into his car.

At that time, she was trying to catch a thief and drove off.

Ji Ho chased after her demanding that she paid for the damages.


Han Ji Sook (Son Tae Young)
A single mother who falls in love with a married man.

Credit : Soompi

Main Cast
Yoon family
Kim Ji Young as Yoon Young Hee
Andy as Yoon Nam Joon
Jo Yang Ja as Seo Yeo Ja (Young Hee’s mother)
Uhm Min Woo as Kang Ha Neul (Young Hee & Chul Soo’s son)

Kang family
Kim Ho Jin as Kang Chul Soo
Kim Yoon Kyung as Kang Do Hee
Kim Yong Rim as Jang Young Ja (Chul Soo’s mother)

Han family
Son Tae Young as Han Ji Sook
Kim Soo Jung as Han So Ri (Ji Sook’s daughter)

Other people
Kang Ji Sub as Song Ji Ho
Lee Yoo Jin as Jo Mi Mi
Kang Sung Jin as Ahn Tae
Kim Young Ran as Oh Dal Ja

This is actress Son Tae Young’s return to the small screen after getting married and giving birth to a son.
Actress Kim Ji Young’s real life mother-in-law, Kim Yong Rim, portrays her mother-in-law in this drama as well.

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