Title: Their Perfect Day (Drama Special Series)
Genre: Family, melodrama, thriller
Episodes: 4
Director: Lee Won Ik
Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Jung
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Sunday 23:45
Broadcast date: 2013-Feb-17 to 2013-March-10

Story of some mothers who deal with incidents in the kindergarten. 

Cast Description

Jung Soo Ah

35 years old , mother of 7 years old girl, Kang Ye Rin.
She works 15 years as a manager in a big company and suddenly decided to quit her job – after a problem at her daughter’s kindergarten- to concentrate raising Ye Rin.
Her philosophy is : mother must be happy first so her children can be happy.

Yoo Kyung Hwa

35 years old, mother of 7 years old boy, Park Ha Jin.
She’s a full time housewife. Her husband is a professor. She feels inferior to other kindergarten’s mother and she becomes a liar.

Cha Ye Joo

35 years old, mother of 7 years old girl, Lee Ri Na.
She’s proud of her beauty and wishes to make Ri Na just like her. She wants to raise Ri Na like a princess.

Lee Mi Bok

35 years old. Mother of 7 years old boy, Cha Do Hoon.
She’s the leader of the kindergarten and also the the one who planned all the incidents in the kindergarten.
Her husband is a rich entrepreneur and she values money above all.

Cha Hyun Soo

35 years old, mother of 7 years old girl, Young Ji.
Young Ji was former student in the kindergarten, disappeared because of unhappy incidents there and promised to revenge to other mothers.

Song Sun Mi as Jung Soo Ah
Shin Dong Mi as Yoo Kyung Hwa
Kim Se Ah as Cha Hye Joo
Byun Jung Soo as Lee Mi Bok
Sa Hyun Jin as Cha Hyun Soo

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