Title : The Woman Who Married Three Times / She Gets Married Thrice / Thrice Married Woman
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 32
Director: Son Jung Hyun (Protect The Boss, All About My Romance)
Writer: Kim Soo Hyun (A Thousand Days’ Promise)
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-09

Family drama about a mother and her 2 daughters.
The story focused on the second daughter love life and failed marriage.

Character Description

Oh Eunsoo
When she was 25, she married to Taewon. Taewon’s family was against that marriage.
The marriage’s over after she couldn’t stand her weird mother in law and sister-in-law.
But her relationship with Taewon is still good.

Her second / present marriage is with Kim Jun Ku.
But unfortunately it’s also a troubled marriage too.

Oh Hyunsoo

She met Kwangmo in one abandoned dog center.
Their relationship starts when she makes a cloth for Kwangmo’s dog.

Now she runs a business for dog care. She spends her days making hand-props for dogs.

Quietly, she loves Kwangmo.

Jung Taewon

He is kind and generous. But, because he is not strong like his mother, Mrs.Choi, he avoids conflict with her.

He divorced Eunsoo, and, is now waiting to re-marry with a woman whom his mother likes.
But, he still misses ex-wife, Eunsoo.

Kim Joon Goo

Eunsoo’s 2nd husband.
He is now running business with his father. He is a macho type.
He’s rich and handsome and many women want to catch him.
But, he does not like those kinds of women.

He likes Eunsoo who wants to stay away from him because she feels that his family is too big for her.
But he forced a marriage to her.

Ahn Kwangmoo


He likes puppy and females.
But he’s easily getting bored so relationship would not last long.

Park Jooha

She doesn’t believe men. But, when she met Kwangmo, she confessed to Hyunsoo that she had a crush on him.
With Hyunsoo’s assistance, she married Kwangmo. But, on wedding day Kwangmo said ‘No’

Oh Byungsik

Eunsoo and Hyunsoo’s father.
He is gentle, honest and diligent man.

About unordinary life of his 2 daughters, he cheers them saying “No problem, it’s only small thing” But, every night, he prays for them even though he is not so religious.

Lee Sunsim

Eunsoo and Hyunsoo’s mother.
Byungsik’s wife.

Just like her husband, she’s honest and diligent.
When Eunsoo’s future in-laws are wealthy family, she quits her job as maids to protect her daughter’s dignity.

Jung Seulki

Eunsoo and Taewon’s daughter.
Her parents divorced when she’s 3 and then she’s raised by her grandparents.

Mrs. Choi

Eunsoo’s ex mother-in-law.
She has a wild personality and she hates Eunsoo because she’s not coming from wealthy family.

Jung Taehee

Eunsoo’s ex sister-in-law.
She’s arrogant like her mother,

Chairman Kim

Joon Goo’s father.
He’s hot-tempered man but he’s also generous.
He respects his graceful wife.

Lady Son

Joon Goo’s mother
Graceful and dignified lady. She never lost her temper.
She likes Eunsoo


A prideful top actress
Junku’s ex girlfriend.
But she’s still dating Junku even after he married Eunsoo.
She could not believe why Junku chose Eunsoo, who has nothing better than her.

Chae Rin

Taewon’s new fiance.
Typical girl in respectful family. She likes Taewon and wishes a quick marriage. As she shows honor to Mrs.Choi, she is favored by Mrs. Choi, Taewon’s mother. She keeps her eye open against Eunsoo, Taewon’s ex-wife.

Lee Ji Ah as Oh Eun Soo
Song Chang Ui as Jung Tae Won
Ha Suk Jin as Kim Joon Goo
Uhm Ji Won as Oh Hyun Soo
Seo Young Hee as Park Joo Ha
Kim Jung Nan as Jung Tae Hee
Jo Han Sun as Ahn Kwang Moo
Kim Yong Rim as Lady Choi
Kang Boo Ja as Son Bo Sal
Kim Yong Gun as Chairman Kim
Oh Mi Yun as Lee Soon Sim
Kim Ja Ok as Lady Son
Oh Mi Hee as Chun Kyung Sook
Jang Hee Jin as Dami
Kim Young Chul as Oh Byung Sik
Son Yeo Eun as Chae Rin

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