the three musketeers drama korea 1

Title: The Three Musketeers (Season 1)
Genre: Period, action, romance, melodrama, political
Episodes: 12
Director: Kim Byung Soo (Vampire Prosecutor, Queen Inhyun’s Man, Nine : Nine Time Travel)
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung (Coffee House, Queen Inhyun’s Man, Nine : Nine Time Travel)
Broadcast network: tvN, every Sunday 21:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-17 to 2014-Nov-02


This drama is planned to have 3 seasons with each season consisting of 12 episodes.

This drama is based on a french novel ‘The Three Musketeers‘ by Alexandre Dumas which was first serialized in March–July 1844.

This drama is about the deeds of 3 Joseon era heroes – Heo Seung Po (Yang Dong Geun), Ahn Min Seo (Jung Hae In) and Park Dal Hyang (Jung Yong Hwa) who is a young man still preparing for his military examinations.

They will end up becoming the royal warrior guards for Crown Prince So Hyun (Lee Jin Wook). Can the trio protect the Crown Prince from those who wish to kill him?

Main cast
Park Dal Hyang’s Home
Jung Yong Hwa as Park Dal Hyang
Lee Kyun as Pan Soi

The Three Musketeers
Lee Jin Wook as Crown Prince So Hyun
Yang Dong Geun as Heo Seung Po
Jung Hae In as Ahn Min Seo

Royal Palace
Seo Hyun Jin as Kang Bin
Kim Myung Soo as King In Jo

Ministers of Joseon
Park Young Kyu as Kim Ja Jum
Jun Noh Min as Choi Myung Gil

Threats of Joseon
Yoo In Young as Mi Ryung
Kim Sung Min as Yong Gol Dae
Park Sung Min as No Soo

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Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jin Wook

Jung Hae In

Yang Dong Geun

Seo Hyun Jin

Yoo In Young


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Date Ep Title Nationwide
2014-08-17 1 First encounter 1.82
2014-08-24 2 The Three Musketeers 1.386
2014-08-31 3 Secret mission 1.461
2014-09-07 4 Protect the Neck of Enemy General Ingguldai 0.987
2014-09-14 5 A Duel 1.088
2014-09-21 6 Commander Kim Ja-jeom 1.007
2014-09-28 7 Mi Ryung and Hyang Sun 1.157
2014-10-05 8 The Crown Princess’ Desire 0.794
2014-10-12 9 Immediate Execution 1.027
2014-10-19 10 One for All, All for One 1.368
2014-10-26 11 Kiss 1.758
2014-11-02 12 Letter from Mainland 1.960




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