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Title: The Queen’s Classroom / Class of The Queen
Genre: drama, school, comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Kim Won Suk (Friend, Our Legend)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-June-12 to 2013-Aug-01


In the center of the drama series stands ‘Mah Yeo-jin’, a elementary teacher of the 6th grade and her students Shim Hana , Oh Dong-gu and Kim Seo-hyun who are reveling against her.

Teacher Mah is very realistic and to her elementary students, she shows how tough it is to live the world. Instead of being a shield for her students, she herself becomes the authority. She often pushes her students to the edge by blackmailing and mischief-making.

Whole class of 6-3(class 3 of the sixth grade) is rebelling against teacher Mah’s educational attitude which is incomprehensible. Sometimes they would betray each other, sometimes they help each other and gradually they realize secret of the reality and make on their own views of the world.

In each episode, teacher Mah is trying to be the high wall for the students and her students are trying not to be defeated and overcome the highness of the wall. And such strong plot will touch the hearts of the viewers with massive emotions. (MBC Global Media)

Character Description

Mah Yeojin

Legendary witch. After 2 years of unknown career, she returns as class No. 3 of 6th grade’s teacher

With the belief that the routine ceremony is useless, she usually does not appear at official school ceremony program. With the saying ‘It is very natural that superior person receives privilege while inferior person deserves to get discrimination’, she charges all miscellaneous- duties-in-class to low-grade-student. Instead of common comments for hope, she shows cruel reality of real-life for her students.

Is she real witch?

Shim Ha Na

Cute girl who always makes her home feels bright.
She is considered by Teacher Ma as a low student with various mistakes.

Oh Dong Goo

His hobby is imitating comedian’s foolish thing .

Kim Seo Hyun

She is bookworm. She never lost 1st grade in many school competitions

Eun Bo Mi

She is not confident girl because she thinks that she’s no good at many things. But, she shows talents for cartoon drawing.

Go Na Ri

The only child of a rich family. As her parents raise her up with too-much-protection, she is not comfortable in any place if she is not in main position.

Yong Hyun Ja

Typical principal who likes to do boring speech. Though she picks up Teacher Ma whose reputation is not so good, she stays away whenever Teacher Ma faces jeopardy.

Song Young Man

Subhead of school. He believes that, rather than taking care of children, controlling teachers and school is his main duty. So, he does his best to upgrade ‘The grade in national assessment for each school’.

Though he does not like Teacher Mah at first because of her poor reputation, as she runs her class well with upgrading class level, he changes his thinking.

Yang Min Hee

Class No. 2 of 6th grade’s teacher
She’s a new teacher, young, pretty and enthusiastic. She always tries to match her eye with student’s level. She is a typical good teacher with kindness, respecting student’s opinion, enthusiasm.
So, she often conflicts with Teacher Mah’s harsh and selfish policy.


Though he is a powerful white man with black belt in Judo and Taekwondo, he likes to chat with woman teachers. Though his Korean is not fluent yet, he is the gossip source in school.


Ko Hyun Jung as Mah Yeo Jin
Julien Kang as Justin
Choi Yoon Young as Yang Min Hee
Yoon Yeo Jung as Yong Hyun Ja (Principal)

Kim Hyang Gi as Shim Ha Na
Kim Sae Ron as Kim Seo Hyun
Seo Shin Ae as Eun Bo Mi
Lee Young Yoo as Go Na Ri
Chun Bo Geun as Oh Dong Goo

Official Site

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

7 minutes preview


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The Queen’s Classroom is the Korean version of Japanese drama Jyoou no Kyoushitsu (NTV, 2005)

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