Title : The Moon Embraces The Sun / The Moon and The Sun
Genre : fantasy, romance, saeguk
Episode : 20
Director : Kim Do Hoon
Scriptwriter : Jin Soo Wan (Capital Scandal)
Broadcast station : MBC, every Wednesday&Thursday 21:55
Broadcast time : 2012- Jan-4 to 2012-March 8
Based on novel titled ‘Haereul Poomeun Dal’ by Jung Eun Gwol (2005)


A “court romance” drama which is set in a royal palace during the rule of a fictional king.

The story centers around 23-year-old king Lee Hwon and his first lover whom he is ready to give all his life. It is a story of innocent love among young people of a different era. Their sad but beautiful love story. Their pure royal romance shrouded in gloom. Love of different colors…

The drama also talks about right-positioning. Every element should be set in its proper place. Just how it is dangerous for the solar system if the sun and the moon were to swerve off course, the whole world can be dangerous when things stray from their original path. This is the political ideology of King Lee Hwon

Character Description



Moon containing the sun, Yeon-woo  (Han Ga In)
Heo Young-jae’s daughter. Yeom’s sister. Hwin’s first love.
She is like the clear sky after a rain shower. She is smart and bright. By chance, she became a palace servant and meets Hwin who is still a prince. She becomes Hwin’s special friend, and he chooses to make her his crown princess. But she becomes stricken with a mysterious illness just days before her royal wedding ceremony and taken to her home  in her last remaining days. She closes her eyes in her father’s arms. Then, she wakes up to find herself as a Munyeo (female shaman) and has no recollection of her past…

Sun reaching for the moon – Lee Hwon  (Kim Soo Hyun)
Prince Hwon. Handsome and smart. Overly confident. Used to be a troublemaker but takes an interest in scholarship with Yeom’s help. He learns subjects that are fit for a king. He experiences love for the first time when he meets Yeon-woo, who also shows him the world outside the palace. But Yeon-woo suddenly falls ill and dies. So he reluctantly chooses Bo-gyeong to be his royal concubine. From then on, he matures into a king with an edgy personality. Cynical and aloof, King Hwon hardly ever smiles. He stays away from young concubines-in-waiting and even his own royal consort. Instead, he sneaks out of the palace to see the city. And one day, he meets a female shaman called Weol, who looks uncannily like Yeon-woo. This encounter makes him suspicion about the circumstances surrounding Yeon-woo’s death couple years ago. So he begins to investigate the matter.
Overshadowed by the sun – Yang Myeong-gun  (Jung Il Woo)
Born between the former king and concubine Park Hee-bin. As a prince, he is first in line to ascend the throne! He acts as if he does not care about anything while enjoying wine and food. He is a free spirit, but no one knows how hard he works to be entirely free from his destiny. He grew up in the shadow of Hwon and his father, the viceroy, also shunned him. He found solace in the home of a Heungmungwan Daejaehak scholar. And he also met Yeon-woo at this scholar’s home and developed a crush on her. But when she is chosen to be Hwon’s crown princess and dies soon after, he becomes overcome with sadness. Couple years later, he is entangled in a dynastic struggle against Hwon.
Flaming flower with wilting petals – Heo Yeom  (Song Jae Hee)
Eu-bin (King’s son-in-law). High-ranking official and scholar (Yurokdaebu Yangcheonwi). Yeon-woo’s brother and Hwon’s teacher. All the female students swoon when he passes by because of his handsome looks. He is an unparalleled genius who also has human flaws. He is old-fashioned, dogmatic and emotionless. He is eccentric to a fault. He has a close friendship with Hwon who he mentored and later, when Hwon becomes the king, he becomes his loyal subject. After his sister Yeon-woo dies, he is ridden with guilt for introducing Yeon-woo to Hwon, because he thinks this led to her death.
Reaching for what is unattainable – Yoon Bo-gyeong (Kim Min Seo)
Hwin’s queen consort. Daughter of Yoon Dae-hyun. With a ladylike demeanor, she has a nice and warm personality on the surface. Most people in the palace are on her side. Despite the fact that Hwon showed no affection towards her when she was pregnant with their first-born, she harbors no ill feelings towards him. She merely smiles in front of King Hwon without displaying a hint of any hurt feelings. This is the image that she has carefully and painstakingly cultivated. As she is a crafty person who pulls all the strings behind the scenes, consolidating her power by influencing the royal court, winning over the king’s allies, and basking in the adoration of those who serve her. When Yeon-woo dies, her wish to become Hwon’s consort comes true. All along she thought Lady Luck was on her side. That is, until Weol appeares…


Princess Min Hwa (Nam Bora)
Due to a childish streak of jealous towards Yeon Woo when they were young, Min Hwa unwittingly becomes involved in the plot to kill Yeon Woo. She has been carrying the guilty conscience ever since she knew that Yeon Woo was killed because of her childish act and hopes to make amends towards her family especially after marrying Yeom, Yeon Woo’s brother whom she loved with all her heart but he doesn’t even think of her as a woman to love after their marriage.


Sul [Snow] (Yoon Seung Ah)
She was the maid serving Yeon Woo before her supposed death and had grown up with both Yeom and Yeon Woo since they were young. She followed and served Wol who lost her memories, protecting her with the martial arts she learnt from the enemies who are out to harm her.


Woon (Song Jae Rim)
He is the loyal bodyguard of Lee Hwon who is cold on the outside but warm within. Although he is blessed with good looks, brains and fighting skills, he is faulted as being born as the son of a concubine which gives him a lowly status although he is the son of a nobleman.
Credit : MBC Global Media


Kim Soo Hyun as Lee Hwon
Yeo Jin Goo as young Lee Hwon
Han Ga In as Wol / Heo Yeon Woo
Kim Yoo Jung as young Heo Yeon Woo
Jung Il Woo as Yang Myung
Lee Min Ho as young Yang Myung
Kim Min Seo as Yoon Bo Kyung
Kim So Hyun as young Bo Kyung
Song Jae Hee as Heo Yeom
Im Si Wan as Young Heom
Song Jae Rim as Kim Chae Woon
Lee Won Geun as young Woon


The Palace

Jung Eun Pyo as Hyung Sun
Yoon Hee Suk as Hong Gyu Tae
Kim Ye Ryung as Lady Park (Yang Myung monther)
Seo Hyun Chul as Shim San
Lee Seung Hyung as Han Jae Gil
Chu Kwi Jung as Court Lady Jo
Kim Min Kyung as Court Lady Min

The Sungsuchun

Jun Mi Sun as Jang Nok Young
Kim Ik Tae as Hye Gak
Bae Noo Ri as Jan Shil
Jo Min Ah as young Jan Shil
Jang Young Nam as Ae Ri (cameo episode 1)

Lee Hwon family

Kim Young Ae as Queen Dowager Jung Hui
Ahn Nae Sang as King Sung Jo (Hwon father)
Kim Sun Kyung as Queen So Hye (Hwon mother)
Nam Bo Ra as Princess Min Hwa (Hwon sister)
Jin Ji Hee as young Min Hwa

Heo family

Sun Woo Jae Duk as Heo Young Jae (father)
Yang Mi Kyung as Shin Jung Kyung (mother)
Yoon Se Ah as Seol
Suh Ji Hee as young Seol

Yoon family

Kim Eung Soo as Yoon Dae Hyung (father)
Jang Hee Soo as Mrs. Kim (mother)
Kim Seung Wook as Yoon Soo Chan

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episode date AGB TNS
1 2012/1/4 18.0 15.0
2 2012/1/5 19.9 17.9
3 2012/1/11 23.2 19.4
4 2012/1/12 23.4 20.6
5 2012/1/18 24.9 21.6
6 2012/1/19 29.3 25.9
7 2012/1/25 29.7 25.5
8 2012/1/26 31.7 26.2
9 2012/2/1 34.5 28.4
10 2012/2/2 37.1 30.5
11 2012/2/8 37.1 34.3
episode date AGB TNS
12 2012/2/9 37.1 33.7
13 2012/2/15 38.4 34.6
14 2012/2/16 37.6 37.2
15 2012/2/22 39.1 37.7
16 2012/2/23 41.3 39.8
17 2012/2/29 36.0 33.3
18 2012/3/1 41.2 40.7
sp1 2012/3/7 24.5 24.7
sp2 2012/3/8 19.2 19.8
19 2012/3/14 38.7 38.9
20 2012/3/15 42.2 42.3
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