Another title : South Korean Lawyers / Lawyers of Korea / Great Dae Han Min Gook Attorney / Love & Law
Director : Yun Jae Mun & Lee Sang Yeop
Writer : Seo Suk Hyang
Episode : 16
Broadcast : MBC
Aired : July 9, 2008  to 2008-Sep-04


Woo Yi Kyung worked at a law firm as a secretary when she fell in love with Byun-hyuk, a rising star attorney in the firm. They lived together for a year before he left for America with no explanation. Six Years later Yi Kyung ends up becoming a lawyer herself and opens her own office. Her first paying case is to represent Han Min-gook in an alimony lawsuit that could cost him $100 billion Won. Han Min-gook’s ex-wife, Lee Ae-ri, is Yi Kyung’s good friend, and the lawyer representing Ae-ri is none other than Byun-hyuk himself who has returned from America determined to win Yi Kyung back. Yi Kyung is facing a showdown with her friend, Ae-ri, as well as her first love, Byun-hyuk, all while falling for her client Min-gook.

Main Cast :
Ryu Soo Young as Byun Hyuk
Lee Soo Kyung as Woo Lee Kyung
Han Eun Jung as Lee Ae Ri
Lee Sung Jae as Han Min Gook
Supporting Cast 

Kang Sung Jin as Bae Soo Jin
Lee Se Na as Byun Hyuk’s secretary
Park Won Sook
Sung Dong Il
Kim Byung Min
Park Yong GiOfficial Website
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Date Episode Subtitle Nationwide Seoul
2008/07/09 1 Their Fate 6.7 (<7.4)
2008/07/10 2 There is a Lawyer Here! 6.6 (<7.3)
2008/07/16 3 Han Min Gook ~ On the Scale 4.9 (<8.1)
2008/07/17 4 Don’t Close Your Eyes 5.3 (<7.4)
2008/07/23 5 The Growing Anguish of Dae ~ Han Min Gook! 5 (<7.6)
2008/07/24 6 Three Syllable Word 4.6 (<9.6)
2008/07/30 7 Who is the Liar? 7.2 7.9 (19th)
2008/07/31 8 Reckless Heart 6.3 (<7.1)
2008/08/06 9 After 50 Seconds 10.3 (7th) 10.1 (7th)
2008/08/13 10 Even Though There Are Many Bad Reasons 6.3 (<8.9)
2008/08/20 11 Waiting 8.4 (19th) 8.2 (18th)
2008/08/21 12 Because We Are Friends, It Can Turn Out To Be All Right Because We Are Friends, It Can Turn Out To Be All Wrong 7.5 (<12.8)
2008/08/27 13 The Lunchbox 8.2 (16th) 8.3 (18th)
2008/08/28 14 Keep My Love Away 8.2 (18th) 8.6 (15th)
2008/09/03 15 Selfish Choice 8.4 (15th) 8.8 (15th)
2008/09/04 16 Ask At Least Three Times 9.2 (13th) 9.9 (9th)

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