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Title: King’s Family / The Wang Family / Royal Family
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 50
Director: Jin Hyung Wook
Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam
Broadcast Network: KBS2, every Saturday & Sunday 19:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-31

3 generations of Wang family live in one house. Tells story about conflict between husband and wive, feud between siblings, this family drama emphasizes on education supremacy and parent favoritism.

In Korean letter, Wang means King. So, the name of drama, King’s family, is named comically.

Character Description

Wang Bong

In Korean letter, Bong means naïve and dopy person who is sucked in easily. So, the drama names his name comically.

61 years old man. Father of Wang’s Family.
He’s warm and cheerful but his wife considers him as a nagging old man with no flexibility as a result of his job as a school principal.

He bears all burden in his family.
He works hard but there’s still debt. He sometimes ill but he has 3 married children, an old mother, an aged-jobless younger brother, who all live in his house.

He worries about his life after retire from his job, he feels lonely that nobody in the family understand him. It makes him cry sometimes.

Lee Angkeum
With Korean letter, Angkeum means bitter feelings in mind. So, the drama names her comically.

60 years old lady. Mother of Wang’s family.
She has lived uneasy life as the wife of oldest son in not-rich family. She had supported husband’s younger brothers till their marriage. She still serves husband’s old mother. She has raised 5 children with husband’s small salary. Even though she has served sincerely, husband’s mother nagged her as she has just daughters. Husband’s mother wished to see son, not daughter. It makes a bitter feeling for her.

She favors 1st daughter than 2nd daughter as 1st one sometimes helps her financially while 2nd one is stingy. Automatically, she likes 1st son-in-law than 2nd son-in-law.

Wang Soobak
In Korea, there are some comic words, water melon and pumpkin may from same ancestor, but, the reality is very different. From one ancestor, different descendent.

In Korean Letter, Soobak means water melon. Hobak means pumpkin. Soobak is considered to be superior to Hobak

37 years old . 1st daughter of Wang’s family. As the 1st child in family, she was raised preciously. As she is pretty and popular between boys. Though peoples say that she has somewhat vanity, selfishness and immatureness, she never thought herself so.

One day, her husband’s business falls down . Bad dreams happen to occur. Why I must face with this situation?

She feels everybody starts to look down on her. Even her younger sister! She falls in depression.

Ko Minjung
42 years old . 1st son-in-law of Wang’s family.

Komin means trouble in Korean letter. Kominjung means agonizing.

While his business runs well, everything was good. But, once his business is in difficulty, many things are changed.
Though husband and wife have to put their own ability together in hard days, his wife just complained instead of helped him. He starts to regret why he married a pretty girl without ability to survive in tough situation

Seeing his wife in depression, he starts to live in his father-in-law’s house. His agony grows more and more.

Wang Hobak
36 years old . 2nd daughter of Wang family.

Her mother just loved her older sister more. Her grade in school is higher and attitude in school is better than her older sister. While her older sister played doll, she was ordered to wash dishes. So, sometimes, she thought there was some hidden secret in her birth. But, actually, it is because her mother gave birth to daughter continuously while she waited a son.

Heo Sedal

In Korean letter, Heose means pretentiousness. The drama names him comically as this character has to show some bluff.

35 years old. 2nd son-in-law of Wang’s family.

He thinks man has to have some macho spirits.

He married Hobak because Hobak was pregnant.

Now, he complained because his wife does not show respect to him and his wife’s family looks down on him, always comparing rich 1st son-in-law. Though he acts like nothing happened, there are many complaint inside him.

But, thanks to his wife, he can possess house, and, can be bluff.

Someday, he can earn a job in one big hotel thanks to his wife. There, he meets heiress of the hotel. What will happen?

Wang Kwangbak
29 years old . 3rd daughter of Wang family.
She resolves conflicts among family member.

One day, one man approaches her through her troublesome younger brother. At first, it starts from misunderstanding. Soon, he entered her heart. Though she wishes to grab his heart, she does not know how. She feels it is very hard to seduce male’s heart.

Choi Sangnam
His father names him as a meaning of ‘Male of the male’. In another word, the best male among males.

Like his name, he tries to be the ‘male of the male’. He is prideful, straightforward, warm and humorous. But, as he is tenderhearted, his heart is hurt easily,
Though he could not study in college, as he started to earn money from young ages, he is already a somewhat succeeded man in his field.

He has also some hidden scar in heart.
Due to betrayal of his 1st lover, he doesn’t want to love again. But, one new girl stepped in his heart. It is Kwangbak. His wounded heart starts to be cured.


Wang family

Na Moon Hee as Ahn Gye Shim
Jang Yong as Wang Bong
Kim Hae Sook as Lee Ang Geum
Oh Hyun Kyung as Wang Soo Bak
Lee Tae Ran as Wang Ho Bak
Lee Yoon Ji as Wang Gwang Bak
Moon Ga Young as Wang Hae Bak
Choi Dae Chul as Wang Don
Choi Won Hong as Wang Tae Bak

1st Daughter’s family

Jo Sung Ha as Go Min Joong
Kim Mi Ra as Go Min Sook
Lee Ye Sun as Go Ae Ji

2nd Daughter’s family

Oh Man Suk as Heo Se Dal
Lee Bo Hee as Park Sal Ra
Kang Ye Bin as Heo Young Dal
Lee Tae Woo as Heo Shin Thong
Hong Hyun Taek as Heo Bang Thong

3rd Daughter’s family

Han Joo Wan as Choi Sang Nam
Lee Byung Joon as Choi Tae Se
Kim Hee Jung as Oh Soon Jung
Yoon Song Yi as Goo Mi Ho

Official Site

Trailer 1

Trailer 2


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