Title: The King of Drama / Drama King / The Lord of the Drama
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Hong Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Jang Hang Joon, Lee Ji Hyo
Broadcast network: SBS, Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-05

The drama shows situation in entertainemnt business, revolves around
drama-production world featuring a production company CEO, a rookie writer, and a top star.

Character Description

Anthony Kim
39 years old
He’s a genius who makes a lot of box-office drama. He has a success rate of 93.1%.
He’s handsome but has a sharp tongue which makes people afraid to talk in front of him. But, people can’t hate him.
He’s fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese.

He can endure low-class drama, but he hates drama which doesn’t make money.
Money ! Money ! Money! is everything for him.
He has a philosophy : For the success of my drama, I can betray my father.

But, this man has a soft spot in his heart for a woman, Go Eun.

Lee Go Eun
27 years old
Assistant writer of drama

She grew up with a lot of love from her parents, she moved to Seoul in the age of 7 after her father died by sudden accident.

She and her mother run a small restaurant and struggled with money.
She dreamed to be a drama-writer to earn money for her mother.

She finally got a job as assistant writer for famous writer, Jung Hong Joo, for 5 years.
While worked for Jung Hong Joo, she got an offer from Anthony Kim and since then her life is twisted.

Kang Hyun Min
Real age : 32 years old
Age he told to the fans : 27 years old

He’s the number one Hallyu star and very famous throughout Asia.
He looks gentle and full of grace but her real personality was ignorant and stupid.

He decided to play drama ‘Morning of Kyungsung’ wrote by Lee Go Eun but then he put that drama in crisis

O Jin Wan
34 years old
Managing director of ‘Empire Production’

People sees him as a man who gets a high salary but in fact he’s unlucky as his job for the last 7 years is cleaning Anthony’s dirty-things.
He shows loyalty for Anthony but his dream is seeing Anthony disappears and he takes Anthony’s seat.

When he loses 1 billion investment to Anthony, they become fateful rival

Sung Min Ah
29 years old
Top actress in ‘Empire Production’

She has unhappy story that Anthony had once seduced her to play his drama then threw her away. But she became popular after that drama ended.

She still loves Anthony, so when Anthony seduced her again to play his drama “Morning of Kyungsung’, she decided to take the leading role

60 years old
He’s Japanese businessman.
Although he looks warm and kind , he’s a Yakuza boss who has motto that betrayal means death.
He became an investor for drama ‘Morning of Kyungsung’

Nam Woon Hyun
47 years old
Producing director of ‘S Broadcasting Company’

He’s talented drama producer who made a lot of drama with cinematic quality and box-office success.
He hates Empire Production’s working style and he thinks that Anthony is a man who must be eliminated from drama business.

Joo Dong Suk
30 years old

He was former Anthony’s driver.
He became the producer of ‘World Production Company’ as per Anthony’s advice.
He follows Anthony’s order and learns many things from him.


Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim
Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun
Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min
Oh Ji Eun as Sung Min Ah
Jung Man Sik as Oh Jin Wan

S Brodcasting Station people

Song Gwi Hun as Deputy Director Kim
Jung Han Hun as Deputy Director Park
Kim Seung Hwan as Lee Sung Jo
Lee Dong Hoon as Yoon Kwang Jae
Yoo Joo Sang as Moon Sang Il

People in the World Production

Suh Dong Won as Joo Dong Suk
Heo Joon Suk as Han Kang Wook
Park Sang Hoon as Park Suk Hyun

People in the Empire Production

Seo Joo Hee as Jung Hong Joo (writer)
Kim Kyung Bum as Managing Director Heo
Jang Won Young as Director Hong (PD)


Choi Soo Eun as Yoon Bit Na
Sung Byung Sook as Park Kang Ja
Fujii Mina as Ikkiko
Oh Hyun Soo as Choi Do Hyung
Park Kyu Sun as Bae Kwang Soo
Park Shin Hye as actress (Cameo ep 1)
Jun Moo Song as Watanabe (cameo)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Nam Woon Young
Park Geun Hyung (cameo)

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Trailer 1

Trailer 2




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