the first born korean drama

Title : The Firstborn/ Oldest / The Eldest
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 50
Director: Lee Kwan Hee (My Woman)
Screenwriter: Kim Jung Soo (If Tomorrow Comes, Dandelion Family)
Broadcast network: jTBC, every Saturday & Sunday 20:45
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-14

After losing parents in the young age in the 1960s, the eldest of 5 sibling took care of the rest to become successful people.

Character Description

Kim Youngsun

The first daughter of 5 sibling, she became their leader after their parents died.
There were 2 men who loved her but she chose to concentrate her life for her younger brothers and sisters.

She did many hard jobs to make end meets. From working in the factory, smuggling illegal imported goods and even nursing tuberculosis patient.

Despite her hard life, she loves to learn and study by herself through books.
Her sole wealth is her lovely personality and sincerity.

Park Suntaek

He is a boy who has nice smile.
Though he is just a few years older than Youngsun , he acts like guardian for her. He always talks to Youngsun that good things will come to Youngsun if she keeps her good personality. He loves Youngsun deeply.

He wanted to be poet. But, he studies law to become lawyer according to his parent’s wish.
During studying law, he starts to understand that life is unfair . It makes his parents difficult.

Lee Jisook

Sangnam’s daughter. She was raised by a nanny because her mother was sick. She envies Youngsun because Youngsun receives mother’s love. She gives hands to Youngran’s misfortune.

Kim Youngran

Youngsun’s younger sister .
Different than Youngsun, she’s a social climber.
She causes many problem because of her beauty.
She stays around Inho like sunflower. When she knows Inho loves Youngsun rather than her, she does a cruel thing because she feels betrayed,

Kim Youngdoo

1st son in family and younger brother of Youn gsun. He has many talents in entertainment area such as singing. Though he can be a college student thanks to Youngsun, study is his second interests comparing to show business.

This immature younger brother is also becoming mature as time passes by.

Yoon Jung Hee as Kim Young Sun
Yoo Hae Jung as young Young Sun
Jae Hee as Park Soon Taek
Chae Sang Woo as young Soon Taek
Oh Yoon Ah as Lee Ji Sook
No Jung Ui as young Ji Sook
Oh Jae Moo as In Ho

The Five Siblings

Jo Yi Jin as Kim Young Ran
Park Ha Young as young Young Ran (child)
Kang Ui Sik as Kim Young Doo
Kim Yoon Sub as young Young Doo
Han Seo Jin as Kim Young Sook (child)
Kim Ye Chan as young Kim Young Jae

Soon Taek’s family

Park Ji Won as Park Soon Geum
Lee Dal Hyung as Park Jae Oh (Soon Taek’s father)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Ban Chon Daek / Yoon Im Soon

Aunt’s family

Kim Byung Se as Lee Sang Nam
Jang Mi Hee as Lee Sil
Jin Hee Kyung as Kim Eun Soon


Lee Jong Won as Gong Chang Rae
Jun Won Joo as Choi Sa Yub
Kim Jin Soo as Son Jae Shik
Ra Mi Ran as Na Mi Soon
Ahn Ji Hye as Tan Shil

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the firstborn drama korea the firstborn korean drama


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