Title: The 3rd Hospital / Third Ward / Tower
Genre: Medical
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Sol Mae, Hwang Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Sung Jin Mi
Broadcast network: tvN, every Wednesday & Thursday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-05 to 2012-Nov-08


The story of the drama revolves on the competition between western and eastern medicine in the neurosurgery department of an alternative hospital. It is Korea’s first advanced medical drama and aims to conjure a new concept of drama genres in Korea, specifically that revolving on drama suspense. 

Character Description

Kim Doo Hyun

A genius Neurosurgeon.

He thinks that doctor’s life is more dramatic than a TV drama. Watching the struggle of patients against death is very thrilling.He thinks that although life and die is in God’s hand , but saving a life from God is the doctor’s work.

Kim Seung Hyun

A genius oriental medicine doctor

A doctor with a warm heart who always takes care of his patients
He hates arrogant people. And he hates western medicine doctors who he thinks behave arrigantly as if they know all knowledge in the world.

Jin Hye In

2nd grade of Neurosurgery resident doctor

She studied fine-art in high school but when she realized that she had no talent she decided to enter medical school.

Her father is oriental medicine doctor but her father is too kind to his patients , that’s why she decided to become western medicine doctor.

Lee Ui Jin

Violist who always looks for Seunghyun.
She’s Choi Hyunwook’s daughter. She is a high school student who learns viola. Her mother passed away when she was 5 years old, then, Hyun Wook brought and raised her in his house.

Jung Seung Hee

1st grade of Emergency- medical-department resident who works in Neurosurgery section.
As she is pretty and kind, all male doctors like to watch her.

Kim Seung Woo as Kim Doo Hyun
Oh Ji Ho as Kim Seung Hyun
Kim Min Jung as Jin Hye In
Choi Soo Young as  Lee Ui Jin
Choi Yoon So
Kim Jong Goo as Yang Hyan Gyoo
Lee Tae Geom as Ahn Hyung Joon
Im Ha Ryong as In Gook
Nam Moon Chul as Jo Seong Wook
Park Geun Hyung
Lim Hyung Joon
Yoo Tae Woong

Official Site

Trailer 1

Trailer 2



  • Before Oh Ji Ho and Kim Seung Woo confirmed to join The 3rd Hospital, Cha Seung Won was rumored as the leading cast but  didn’t take it.
  • PD Jin Hyuk who made Brilliant Legacy and City Hunter was rumored to direct The 3rd Hospital but it didn’t come in reality

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