Title:  That Person Is Coming / Here He Comes
Producer: Kwon Suk
Writer: Shin Jung Goo
Episodes: 97
Broadcast: MBC, Mondays to Fridays 19:45
Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-06 to 2009-Feb-27


Lee Moon Shik and Seo Young Hee are siblings who lost each other and then they both got amnesia. Young Hee went on to become a famous actress and her brother became a chef.

Cast :
Lee Moon Shik as Lee Moon Shik
Seo Young Hee as Lee Young Hee
Jung Jae Yong as Lee Jae Yong
Ha Yun Joo as Lee Jae Sook
Yoon So Jung as Yoon So Jung
Jung Kyung Soon as Jung Kyung Soon
Kang Sung Jin as Kang Sung Jin
Park Hee Jin as Hee Jin
Jun Jin as PD / TV director
Kim Min Ji as Kim Min Ji
Seo Hyo Rim as Jung Hyo Rim
Lee Kwang Soo as Oh Man Soo
Sung Jin Hwan as Kang Jin Sang
Jung Yoon Min as Jung Yoon Min
Oh Sang Jin as Oh Sang Jin
Lee Soo Na as Lee Soo Na
Huh Il Hoo as Heo Il Hoo
Yoo Gun (cameo, ep24)
Lee Soo Young (cameo)
Ahn So Hee as Mal Hee (cameo, ep8)

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