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Title : Sword and Flower / Knife and Flower / Blade and Petal
Genre: Historical, romance, action, melodrama
Episodes: TBA
Director: Kim Yong Soo
Screenwriter: Kwon Min Soo (Mom is Pretty Too, When Spring Comes)
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-03

Sets in Goguryo era, Moo Young is daughter of King Young Ryu of Goguryo.
She falls in love with Yun Choong, the son of Yun Gae So Moon, the man who killed her father.
Moo Young has to pick love or revenge.

Character Description

Princess Mooyoung

Daughter of King Youngryu.
She is bright and aggressive. King Youngryu loves her more than his son, the Crown Prince.

When she goes out of palace with hiding her dignity, she meets the son-of-Yeon Gaesomun and falls love with him. Yeon Gaesomun is the political rival against the King as the biggest nobleman group boss.

Yun Choong

Illegitimate son of Yeon Gaesomun, who is the highest powerful man in Goguryeo. He comes to Pyungyang, the capital city of Goguryeo (= Ancient nation that was located in north side of Korea), to meet his real father for the first time, but he is denied.

To earn political standing, he applies for palace guard position. Then, he becomes princess’ guard swordsman

King Youngryu

He is the brave King of Goguryeo. He ever destroyed Su dynasty (=Ancient Chinese dynasty) which is constituted with millions of soldiers, but because he knows the scars of war, he tries to make peace with Tang dynasty (Succeeding dynasty of Su) instead of continuing the war.

He is a capable king who can comprise with enemy in case of necessity.

Yeon Gaesomun

He is the leader of the high nobleman group in Goguryeo. With family’s wealth and army, he is overwhelming other nobleman group in Goguryeo. He insists to attack Tang dynasty , that’s why he’s in conflict with King Youngryu.


King Youngryu’s nephew , princess’ cousin. Though he is a good soldier and wise man, though he is the most adequate person to be the next king, his status is far from being-nominated-as- the King.


One member of secret agency, Geumhwadan, that guards palace secretly.

He is good at musical instrument as well as martial arts. He does not hide his feeling that he loves the princess.


She is the daughter of Dosu, who is a right hand man of Yeon Gaesomun. She is a capable girl with smartness and martial arts.

So Sabun

Captain of Geumhwadan. He is a monk and also a martial arts teacher. Since he felt attraction to King Youngryu, he made and led a secret-guards for palace.


The butcher in Pyungyang. He deals with knife and sword very well.


Early member of Geumhwadan. Very brave soldier. He loves Younghae who is a female member of Geumhwadan.


Early member of Geumhwadan. She is a pretty girl and her hidden martial art is above expectation.

Crown Prince

Younger brother of princess Muyoung as well as 1st son of King Youngryu. He likes books and paintings rather than martial arts. He is a warm person who deals servant kindly.

Sun Hoiyoung

A noble man who follows King’s political party. (=Keeping peace with Tang dynasty is the best way to save Goguryeo)

Hae Taesoo

He is one of leading man of King’s party.
As he showed humiliating diplomacy to Tang’s ambassador, he is pushed to resignation by Yeon Gaesomun.


Royal guard of King Youngryu.


Swordsman of Yeon Gaesomun. He obeys Yeon Gaesomun very much. He considers guarding lord’s dignity as his 1st honor.

Yun Jungro

He is one of main noble man who assists Yeon Gaesomun’s political opinion (=Preemptive attack to Tang is the best way for Goguryeo)

Do Soo

Another main noble man who assists Yeon Gaesomun’s opinion. Right hand man of Yeon Gaesomun.

On Samoon

Another noble man in Yeon Gaesomun’s political party.

Yang Moon

Neutral noble man who stands between King’s party and Yeon Gaesomun’s party.

Yang Jinwook

One noble man in Yang Moon family.


A funny low class man who always brings laugh. He lives here-and-there with showing various acrobatic skills.

Chun Myung

He knows lot of information about various nations, tribes. He is cold bloodless man who will do everything for money.

Kim Ok Bin as Princess Moo Young
Uhm Tae Woong as Yun Choong
Chae Sang Woo as young Yun Choong
Kim Young Chul as King Young Ryu
Choi Min Soo as Yun Gae So Moon
Ohn Joo Wan as Jang, later King Bo Jang
Lee Jung Shin as Shi Woo
Park Soo Jin as Moo Sul

Geum Hwa Dan

Kim Sang Ho as So Sa Bun
Jo Jae Yoon as Boo Chi
Yoo Seung Mok as Sul Young
Kim Hyo Sun as Young Hae

People on King Young Ryu’s Side

Lee Min Ho as Crown Prince
Lee Dae Ro as Sun Hoe Young
Kim Joo Young as Hae Tae Soo
Jun Hyun as Tae Kyung

People on Yeon Gae So Moon’s Side

Goo Won as Ho Tae
Ahn Dae Yong as Yun Jung Ro
Lee Dae Yeon as Do Soo
Park Yoo Seung as Ohn Sa Moon

Neutral Nobles

Joo Jin Mo as Yang Moon
Hyun Chul Ho as Yang Jin Wook

Other People

Moon Hyuk as Jin Goo
Bang Hyung Joo as Choon Myung
Yoon So Hee as Nang Ga

Official Site

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