Title: Suspicious Family / Shady Family
Genre: Family
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Jae Gab
ScriptWriter: Park Gyung Soo
Broadcast network: MBN , every Wednesdays & Thursdays 20:45
Broadcast period: 2012-May-09 to Jun-28


About a consoling and admiring father who has great responsibility for his family. The drama hopes all the sons and daughters think about the existence of their father through this comic drama.

Character Description

Chun Yi Baek
35 years old. Policeman in Sinchun province. Former boxing silver medalist in Asian games

Chun Ji In
31 years old. She thinks that she’s the daughter of Chun Do Hae. But, actually her parents are Wang Hee Young and Min Dae Sik. She has spirit and strong attitude for life.

Chun Won Man
41 years old. Chun Do Hae’s legal son. Small heart, timid and messy. He has hatred to his father.

Wang Hee Young
59 years old. Kitchen helper in a birth care center. Suffering Alzheimer. She gave birth to Ji In from love affair wu=ith Min Dae Shik, a chairman of baby peroduct company Agamam.

Kang Do Sang
36 years old. Son of Kang Cha Suk. A handsome doctor, he has elegant manner, pride and responsibility.

Chun Ok Man
39 years old. Chun Do Hae’s legal second son. Nick name is Sinchun’s golden belt. A gangster , he recorded16 times violence reports in police office.

Min A Ri
28 years old. Min Dae Shik’s daughter. Chun Ji In’s sister-in-law. She’s working as chief designer in Agamam and soon becomes the president of the company. She’s very decisive in business.

Kim Sung Soo as Cheon Yi Baek
Han Go Eun as Cheon Ji In
Park Sang Myun as Cheon Uk Man
Min Young Won as Oh Soo Young
Im Hyun Sik as Cheon Do Hae
Lee Mi Young as Jang In Sook
Byun Woo Min as Cheon Won Man
Lee Hyo Choon as Wang Hee Yeong
Im Ho as Kang Do Sang
Kim Bin Woo as Min Ah Ri
Lee Da In
Hong Soon Chang
Song Young Kyu
No Joo Hyun

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