Title: Snow Flower
Screenwriter: Kim Soo Hyun
Episode : 20
Broadcast network: SBS, Monday and Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-20 to 2007-Jan-09

When she was young, Yoo Da Mi was forced to move in with her grandmother. Unknowingly, it was then when her father disappeared from her life, and since then, she had always thought that her father was dead. As time wore on, her mother became one of the country’s best-selling authors, but due to this, she had never found the time to be with her daughter. Suddenly, one day, Da Mi accidentally intercepts a phone call from her father and realizes that her mother has lied to her about her father’s whereabouts. Angry, Da Mi decides to infuriate her mother by deciding to not to attend university and chooses to become an actress instead. Surprisingly, the first film she stars in is based on one of her mother’s novels. Meanwhile, Ha Yeong Chan – her boss’s step-brother – is a friend who secretly loves Da Mi though gets turned away by her.


Go Ah Ra as Yoo Da Mi
Kim Ki Bum as Ha Yeong Chan
Kim Hee Ae as Lee Kang Ae
Lee Jae Ryong as Yoo Keon Hee
Park Ji Mi as Da Mi’s friend
Lee Chan as Ha In Chan (Yeong Chan’s brother)
Kim Bo Yun as Choi Jung Sun (Lee Kang Ae’s business assistant)
Ji Sung Won as Lee Shin Ae (Choi Jung Sun’s daughter)
Kim Young Ok as Kang Ae’s mother
Kim Sung Joon as Park Dong Woo (Kang Ae’s boyfriend)
Ahn Jae Hwan as Min Ji Sup (Kang Ae’s doctor friend)

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