Title: Sirius
Genre: Crime, Action, Investigation
Series : Drama Special Series (Season 3)
Episodes: 4
Director: Mo Wan Il
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Sunday 23:45
Broadcast date: 2013-Jan-06 to 2013-Jan-27


A drama about an investigation of a drug case by policeman, Do Shin Woo, who bring him meet his twin brother Do Eun Chang. It will tell the story about the tense brain play between two twin brothers whose fates changed in a day and the love and hatred between them which they have kept in their hearts so long.

Character Description

Do Sin Woo
A police chief.
After graduated from law school, he chose to be a police instead a prosecutor.
He’s still young but he’s the second head chief in the police station.
He’s workaholic and man with a bad personality . He stubbornly chases drug-dealer, Ko Suk Min.
he has complicated feeling toward his twin brother, Do Eun Chang, who becomes murderer because of him.

Do Eun Chang
Do Sin Woo’s twin brother. He’s ex-convict in murder case.
Before went to jail, he’s a good and smart student. He acme a murderer because of his twin brother. After he’s released from jail, he works in detective agency.
He wants to live earnestly but once again because of Sin Woo, his life in jeopardy.

Ko Suk Min
The second man in a narcotic organization.

Kim An Na
She’s a prosecutor and Sin Woo’s girlfriend, the only person who loves and takes care of Sin Woo

So Ri
Female staff in a room -salon.
She’s girl with bright and cheerful personality. She likes Eun Chang.

Lee Hyung Woo
Police chief of violent crime section.


Suh Joon Young as Do Eun Chang / Do Shin Woo
Park Hyung Shik as young Eun Chang / young Shin Woo
Ryu Seung Soo as Go Suk Min
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Kim Ahn Na
Jo Woo Ri as So Ri
Shin Jung Geun as Lee Hyun Goo
Baek Won Kil as Park Jin Tae
Kim Sang Kyu as Director Hwang
Yun Je Wook as Song Tong Il
Woo Jung Gook as Myul Chi
Park Soon Chun as Eun Chang and Shin Woo’s mother

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