Title: Sincerity Moves Heaven / Sincerity is the Way of Heaven / Sweet Springs / A Tale of Two Sisters
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Director: Kim Myung Wook
Scriptwriter: Kim Hyun Hee
Broadcast network: KBS1, every Monday to Friday 20:25
Broadcast period: 2013-April-29

The story of Choi Se Young, an adopted girl who reunites with her birth family and their problem.
And also her love story with her co-worker at broadcasting company, Han Jae Sung, a sole son of wealthy family.

Character Description

Choi Seyoung

27 years old. 3rd daughter of Choi Jinsa. She is dreaming to be a main news announcer while she works as a reporter at this moment. She was adopted by Choi Jinsa at her age of 6. She is bright and positive.

Lee Yerin

27 years old KBC announcer. Adopted daughter of Announcer captain, Kim Juhee. She never let other people know that she is an adopted daughter.
She gets many dating request because she’s pretty and smart.

Han Jae Sung
30 years old , KBC PD. He is sole son of the biggest movie-making-company, ‘Bukwiyounghwa’.
He knows Yerin likes him. But, till now, their relationship is just senior-and-junior.

Ahn Junghyo

30 years old, KBC PD.
He lived in the same orphanage with Yerin and treated Yerin like his sister.
Since they’re separated, he wished to meet Yerin again. After grew up, one day, he recognized Yerin and tried to meet her. But, it was very hard to meet hard-nosed big news-company announcer. So, he decided to be broadcasting company’s PD.

But, Yerin pretends to not know him. But he is still happy as he can watch her everyday.

Main Cast

Park Se Young as Choi Se Young
Lee Hae In as Lee Ye Rin
Yoo Gun as Han Jae Sung
Park Jae Jung as Ahn Jung Hyo

Choi Se Young’s family

Jung Hye Sun as Sim Ae Ki
Lee Ki Young as Choi Jin Sa
Im Ji Eun as Choi Il Young
Kim Chae Yun as Choi Yi Young
Lee Do Yun as Noh Ji Hyun

Lee Ye Rin’s family

Shim Hye Jin as Kim Joo Hee
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Min Gook
Oh Seung Eun as Oh Young Ah

Han Jae Sung’s family

Jun Moo Song as Han Ki Suk
Kil Yong Woo as Han Yong Duk
Yang Geum Suk as Lee Mi Sook
Lee Se Chang as Lee Sung Soo
Ha Yun Joo as Han Ki Eun

Other People

Hong Jin Hee as Jang Mi Hwa
Im Yoon Ho as Jang Dong wook
Lee Jung Hoon as Seo Dong Won
Im Hyuk Pil as Kye Goo Man
Yoon Chae Yi as Han Seol Hee
Im Soo Hyun as Kim Na Ri

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  1. August 23rd, 2013 at 23:00 | #1

    Crazy bitch block head Yeri Bio mother (Jang Mi Hwa). They both look alike both have ugly form of body one soooooooooooooo skinny nothing to looks at, look like spaghetti string her face look like a mouse cheating on every chance on all corners. (Jang Mi Hwa) Yeri mother look like she came from planet of the earth, which even Cornelius look better the Yeri bio (Jang Mi Hwa) mother.
    Sorry! but not to brag our description of our looks & body Form, is better then those two BITCH!
    This Roll in this drama fit the DESCIPTION OF WHAT THEY ARE It was a great match for both, Jang Mi Hwa and Yeri!
    As for this disgusting Ahn Junghyo, GET LOST BRO” or open up your mouth and do something about it. YOUR ACTING IS SIMILIAR LIKE YERI & MOTHER Jang Mi Hwa!
    Come -on SeYoung Push your way UP!! Fighting!!!!

  2. sim, lilian
    August 19th, 2013 at 12:33 | #2

    Le Ye Rin is a terrible girl, evil

  3. Khuncho
    June 27th, 2013 at 13:03 | #3

    Lee Ye Rin’s Bio mother is disgusting. Like mother like daughter Ye Rin is cunning. Ahn Junghyo is so stupid to love that cunning Ye Rin.

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