Title : Shut Up Flower Boy Band / Flower Boy Band : Eye Candy
Genre : music, romance, drama
Episode : 16
Director : Lee Kwon
Scriptwriter : Seo Yoon Hee
Broadcast station : tvN, every Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Broadcast date : 2012-January- 30 to 2012-Mar-20
Note : Shut Up Flower Boy Band is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy series which are the series featuring star-studded line-ups of flower boy leading man. The first installment of the series was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.
Actor Yoo Min Kyu was casted as the winner from tvN reality audition program Flower Boy Casting : Oh! Boy

Eye Candy is a six member underground rock band led by Byung Hee. When the group transfers into the prestigious Jungsang High School, they find their rival, Strawberry Fields. This is a story about the two rock bands and how they deal with friendship, relationships, and their passion for music.Character Description

Im Su Ah
She’s from rich family, a high school girl of Junsang High School who suddenly becomes penniless.
Then she has to take care of herself and moving into a small rooftop room by herself and starts to look for odd jobs.
One fine day, accidentally she meets Ji Hyuk, leader of band Eye Candy.

Kwon Ji Hyuk
He’s the leader of band Eye Candy, he learns many things from talented musician and also his best friend Byung Hee.
He then transferred to Junsang High School and meets Su Ah and the school home band Strawberry Fields.

Yoo Seung Hoon
Born in a rich family, he’s considered as the prince in his high school and the leader of band Strawberry Felds.
He’s perfect in music technique and knowledge but lacks in soul.
He’s Su Ah’s schoolmate and will perform love triangle with Ji Hyuk to get Su Ah’s heart.

Jang Do Il
The member of Eye Candy, plays drum.
A silent man who won’t speak unless people speak to him first. His mother operates a billiards room which usually used by the band to rehearse. He has a secret about his father , which only Jin Hyuk knows.
He likes a girl (Woo Kyung) but unfortunately that girl run after Ji Hyuk.

Sung Joon as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Kim Min Suk as Seo Kyung Jong
Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (cameo, ep 1-2)Strawberry Fields
Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Ma Ro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo
Kim Hyo Seok (LED Apple) as Drummer (cameo)

Extended Cast
Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah
Kim Ye Rim as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung
Jung Ji Ahn as Jo Deo Mi
Ma Dong Suk as Silva
Dong Hyun Bae as Sharkpa boss
Kim C as Rock Kim
Yum Jung Ah as Ji Hyuk’s mom (cameo)
Kim In Seo as Yoo Hae Ri (Seung Hoon’s sister)

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