Title: Short Family / Firm Family / Tight Family
Genre: Sitcom, Family, Comedy
Episodes: TBA
Director: Jung Hwan Suk
Screenwriter: Choi Hang Seo
Broadcast network: E-Channel, every Saturday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-03


A sitcom about dysfunctional families

Character Description

36 years old. A husband who has short leg.
Jobless man who has short leg, short body, short ability. But he has a lot of pride.
Though he is the head of household, his role is nothing. He is a jobless husband who depends on his older sister.
He thinks his wife has ability so that he do not need to work.
Though he graduated as a teachers college, it would earn small money. He got several offers of jobs but he couldn’t stand challenges in workplace.

32 years old. Seyun’s Wife who has short luck.
She is unlucky from many sides. She is unlucky as she is too superior. She is unlucky as she met incapable husband. Though she is a well-known sales woman in her company and she is still attractive to her male-colleagues, her real life is such poor that her dream is moving out from sister-in-law’s house.

Though she looks perfect, actually, she has many empty places inside her heart.
Because of her sister-in-laws, Wansun and Saerom, with whom she feels not comfortable and because of nasty husband who idles away while leaving all works to her, she drinks alcohol every night.

48 years old. Seyun’s brother-in-law who is short of dignity.
He is a powerless boss-and-husband without authority.
He loves rock music and once performed a music band. But his wife hates him while he touches his guitar

44 years old. Seyun’s older sister who is short of patience.
When she was a high school girl, she loved literature and always kept poem near her. Since she married to Kwangrok, she turned into tough housewife because of difficulties in life.

Because of senseless husband and shameless brother, her patience becomes shorter. Growing nervous temperament makes her more difficult. Though she persists that she is in middle class, the real world is like a ditch.

29 years old. Seyun’s younger sister who is short of male.
She’s a perfect woman but unfortunately she doesn’t have a man. Even fortune teller said that there will be no man for her.
She’s desperately seeking a man and her mental status is unstable because her thirty is coming now.

22 years old. Wansun’s daughter who is short of wisdom.
Perfect face and body but with empty head. But, it is no problem. Her beauty covers her short knowledge. Her only weak point is her hopeless lover whom she can’t break off with because of history-of-attachment.

17 years old. Wansun’s son who is short of thought.
Immature high school boy. Instead of preparing his own future , he’s always wondering why his family isn’t rich.
Everything is mediocre for him, that’s why he loves bluffing


Yoo Se Yoon as Se Yoon
Kim Wan Sun as Wan Sun
Oh Kwang Rok as Kwang Rok
Lee In Hye as In Hye
Kim Sae Rom as Sae Rom
Han Ji Woo as Ji Woo
Dan Woo as Dan Woo
Jinon as Jinon (LP Bar part time worker)

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