Title: She is WOW
Genre: Family, Comedy
Broadcast network: tvN, every Thursday 23:00
Episodes: 12
Director: Kim Chul Kyu
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-18 to 2013-July-04

A family drama about a former actress with her popular news anchor husband

Character Description

Jo Ah Ra
Former famous actress. Now people recognize her as a happily married actress.
Her husband is well-known TV anchorman, Kong Jung Han.
People worship their happily marriage. She loves her husband although in reality, there’s no love and healthy sex-life in their marriage.

Kong Jung Han

He’s a perfect man, a famous journalist with big influence.
With his perfect image, he’s the top CF model and also the big target for paparazzi.

Gong Min Kyu

Jo Ah Ra and Kong Jung Han’s son. He’s a trouble maker.
He’s inherited his mother wild personality and his father’s handsome face.
But he ruined it with empty brain and dirty talking.

Choi Go Ya

Military officer who lives in near Jo Ah Ra.
He’s a former baseball player with muscular body.
His main attention in life is only doing exercise and sex, but unfortunately he does not succeed to have baby for 10 years.

Jin Bo Yeo

Choi Go Ya’s wife. As a daughter of military officer, she feels comfortable living with military officer.
So she wants to marry military officer and to have at least three babies.
Unfortunately, she and her husband still have no babies.
Then a beautiful lady moves to her neighbor and now he worries as her husband does exercise in the backyard more often than usual.

Ji Sung Ki

Kong Min Kyu’s private tutor.
He lost his parent when he was in high school and he can not forget them.

Oh Hyun Kyung as Jo Ah Ra
Park Sung Woong as Gong Jeong Han
Jin Young as Gong Ming Kyu
Han Jung Soo as Choi Go Ya
Ahn Sun Young as Jin Bo Yeo
Kwon Se Un as Ji Seong Gi
Jo Han Chul as Hyeon Sang Beom
Park Lydia as Ji Ban Il
Yang Jin Sung as Yoo Nan Hee
Bang Joong Hyun as Cha Se Dae
Park Seong Joon as Na Jae Soo
Choi Jung Woo as Park Ooi Won
Lee Ah Rin as Lee Ah Rin

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