SEOUL 1945


Title: Seoul 1945
Genre: War, Daeha drama
Episodes: 70
Broadcast network: KBS1, Saturday & Sunday 21:30
Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-07 to 2006-Sep-10

Seoul 1945 is a drama that takes place during turbulent times in Korea, spanning from the end of the Japanese occupation to the eventual split of the country into North and South. The story revolves around the lives of four young adults who grew up together. Choi Oon Hyuk (Ryu Soo Young) is a child prodigy born into a family of poor miners; Kim Hae Kyung (Han Eun Jung) is the eldest daughter of tenant farmers; Lee Dong-Woo (Kim Ho Jin) is the heir to a wealthy, well-connected family; and Moon Suk Kyung (So Yoo Jin) is the only child of an affluent and powerful political ally of Japan. In a blend of personal choices and circumstances beyond their control, each individual embarks on different paths that reflect the chaotic nature of the time as well as their true character. As their paths collide, love, friendship, loyalty, vengeance, moral conscience, and ideology become driving forces to irrevocably change the course of their lives.

Main Cast
Ryu Soo Young as Choi Woon Hyuk
Han Eun Jung as Kim Hae Kyung / Kehee
So Yoo Jin as Moon Suk Kyung / Yukei
Kim Ho Jin as Yi Dong Woo

Supporting Cast
Park Sang Myun as Park Chang Ju
Jang Hang Sun as Kim Pan Chul (Hae Kyung’s father)
Go Doo Shim as Jung Hyang Geum (Hae Kyung’s mother)
Jo An as Kim Yeon Kyung (Hae Kyung’s sister)
Kim Young Chul as Baron Moon Jung Kwan (Suk Kyung’s father)
Lee Bo Hee as Ame Kaori (Baron Moon’s mistress)
Hong Yo Seob as Moon Dong Gi (Suk Kyung’s uncle)
Kim Kyung Suk as Yoon Jung Ja
Choi Jong Won as Lord Yi In Pyong (Dong Woo’s father)
Kim Se Ah as Jo Young Eun (Dong Woo’s governess)
Jung Han Yong as Choi Eun Kwan (Woon Hyuk’s father)
Lee Duk Hee as Jo Soon Yi (Woon Hyuk’s mother)
Park Shin Hye as Choi Geum Hee (Woon Hyuk’s older sister)
Son Jong Bum as Park Sung Ju
Lee Byung Wook as Oh Chul Hyung
Lee Gun as Kim Ki Soo
Go Ju Yun as young Hae Kyung
Park Eun Bin as young Suk Kyung
Kim Soo Min as young Dong Woo
Kim Suk as young Woon Hyuk
Go Kyu Pil as young Chang Ju
Kim Hyung Il
Jin Ji Hee
Park Chul Ho
Sin Hyeon Tak
Song Yong Tae

2007 43rd Baeksang Awards: Best TV Drama
2006 KBS Performance Awards: Top Excellence Award for Ryu Soo Young

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