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Title: Secret Love Affair
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 20
Director: Ahn Pan Suk (A Wife’s Credentials)
Screenwriter: Jung Sung Joo (A Wife’s Credentials, My Love)
Broadcast network: JTBC, every Monday & Tuesday 21:45
Broadcast period: 2014-Mar-17

A career woman in her 40s has a affair with a young pianist in his 20s

Character Description

Oh Hyewon (40)

Planning Director of Seohan Art Institute.

“Do you know why morality exists in our life? Morality is not only the things to regulate our life. It is the one of surviving method. For example, when we keep the Road Traffic Act, we can be protected from accident”

She is the director of Seohan Art Institute. She is in charge of tutoring art and music for Chairwoman, Han Sungsook. Moreover, she is in charge of Sungsook’s secret account book.

Though she studied piano in college, she had to stop it because of shoulder injury. After that, she accompanied her high school mate, Seo Youngwoo to America as her assistant. Then, she joined Seohan Art Institute with Youngwoo’s aid.

Hyewon’s husband had once been one of the Youngwoo’s men. Youngwoo’s family discarded him according to their family needs. Hyewon knew the story. But, she tried to see their marriage as the marriage-from-real-love. Then, she has lived together with her husband for 12 years.

One day, she met young man, Sunjae.
He does not even know his own talents. She loves his purity. His eyesight sometimes makes her dizzy.
This may break down what she has achieved till now.
She may become the president of Art Institute in near future. The scandal may harm her future. But, losing young lover is scarier thing for her.

Lee Sunjae (20)

Deliveryman. / Genius Pianist

“Am I that good at piano?”

He’s been working as a deliveryman for 2 years. To kill the time, he plays piano when he does not work. Without his knowing, his skill-for-playing-piano becomes more than normal.

He started to upload his self-video which is taken by his own hand phone. His ID is “I am genius”. One day, he receives one message from unknown ID. The message told “Go to hospital quickly”. The ID, who sent the message, is “Maggui”

He happens to meet Piano Professor-in-Seohan-University and his wife. Sunjae has never thought that he can meet these kinds of high society persons.
The professor suggests him to be his disciple.
Sunjae becomes so excited that he brags to ‘Maggui’

It doesn’t take a long time that he sends message ‘I may love Hyewon’ to “Maggui”

Kang Junhyung (42)

Piano-Professor at Seohan music college.

Though he is nice gentleman outwardly, he is just a whining materialistic husband for Hyewon.

Jo Inseo is also a professor in the same college. Inseo is junior-in-school as well as junior-as-a-professor.
But Inseo has more popularity among people, more capability as a pianist, and better personality.
So, Junhyung regards Inseo as a rival.

At the time of Art-Center-opening-ceremony, he finds out that Inseo is selected as an important performer with his student during ceremony.
He becomes so jealousy that he pushes his staffs to find out talented student.

He finds out one naïve young man. This man has talent, handsome, so perfect for audiences and he also has a heartbreaking story.
What a lucky!
He wants to show him to his wife, Hyewon….


Kim Hee Ae as Oh Hye Won
Yoo Ah In as Lee Sun Jae
Shim Hye Jin as Han Sung Sook
Park Hyuk Kwon as Kang Joon Hyung
Kyung Soo Jin as Park Da Mi
Kim Hye Eun as Seo Young Woo
Kim Yong Gun
Kim Chang Wan
Shin Ji Ho as Ji Min Woo
Jin Bo Ra as Jung Yoo Ra
Kim Kwon as Woo Sung

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  • The casting team of this drama couldn’t reach Yoo Ah In to ask him if he’d like to accept the role, they asked Kim Hee Ae to contact him. Kim Hee Ae personally asked Yoo Ah In by phone to join this drama

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