Title: School 2015: Who Are You?
Genre: School, Youth, Mystery
Episodes: 16 
Directors: Baek Sang Hoon, Kim Sung Yoon
ScriptWriter: Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Min Jung
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-27 to 2015-June-16


Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun) lives at the orphanage Love’s House in Tongyeong, where younger residents look up to her as a mother figure. They don’t know that she’s friendless at her school and viciously bullied by a posse of mean girls led by Kang So Young (Jo Soo Hyang), while teachers turn a blind eye.

On the other hand, Go Eun Byul (Kim So Hyun) is the most popular girl at Segang High School, the most prestigious private high school in Seoul’s Gangnam District. Eun Byul’s best friends are Cha Song Joo (Kim Hee Jung) and Lee Shi Jin (Lee Cho Hee), and she shares a mutual attraction with Han Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk), the school’s star swimmer. But Eun Byul has secrets, including one involving a girl named Jung Soo In.

Eun Bi and Eun Byul look exactly alike, but only Eun Byul is aware of the other’s existence.

One day, on a school field trip to Tongyeong, Eun Byul mysteriously disappears. At the same time, Eun Bi gets unjustly expelled from her school and transfers to Segang. The injured and amnesiac Eun Bi is mistaken for her doppelgänger Eun Byul, and she starts living the latter’s charmed life, unaware of the secrets Segang holds. (Source)

Main Cast

Kim So Hyun as Lee Eun Bi / Lee Eun Byul
Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi Ahn (Ian)
Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang
David Lee as Park Min Joon
Lee Cho Hee as Lee Shi Jin
Kim Hee Jung as Cha Song Joo
Kim Bo Ra as Seo Young Eun
Jo Soo Hyang as Kang So Young
Park Doo Shik as Kwon Gi Tae
Yoo Young as Jo Hae Na
Jun Mi Sun as Song Mi Kyung (Lee Eun Bi’s Mother)
Kim Jung Nan as Shin Jung Min (Min Joon’s mother)
Kim Se Ah as Shin Yi Young (Shi Jin’s mother)
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Jun Suk (Teacher for Math)

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Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-04-27 1 4.8 5.1 3.8 3.4
2015-04-28 2 4.8 4.8 4.2 3.8
2015-05-04 3 6.5 6.6 4.1 4.1
2015-05-05 4 6.3 6.8 5.9 5.7
2015-05-11 5 6.7 7.4 5.0 5.6
2015-05-12 6 7.1 7.8 6.0 6.5
2015-05-18 7 7.3 8.0 6.0 6.4
2015-05-19 8 7.6 8.0 6.7 7.2 (18th)
2015-05-25 9 7.8 (19th) 8.9 (18th) 6.8 7.0
2015-05-26 10 7.4 (17th) 8.2 (15th) 7.1 (17th) 7.1 (19th)
2015-06-01 11 8.2 (17th) 9.2 (15th) 6.9 7.9
2015-06-02 12 8.1 (17th) 8.9 (14th) 7.0 (197th) 7.6 (18th)
2015-06-08 13 8.9 (16th) 10.3 (14th) 7.7 (19th) 8.1 (15th)
2015-06-09 14 8.6 (14th) 9.9 (11th) 8.1 (14th) 8.6 (14th)
2015-06-15 15 9.2 (16th) 10.0 (12th) 7.5 8.1 (18th)
2015-06-16 16 9.7 (10th) 11.7 (6th) 8.2 (16th) 8.5 (15th)




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