Title: School 2013 / School Season 5
Genre: School, Youth
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Min Hong, Lee Eung Bok
Writer: Lee Hyun Joo, Ko Jung Won
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-03

The drama will tell the real issue of high school students and their teachers

Character Description


Jung In Jae
31 year old. Teacher with subject Korean language.

She graduated from local university and failed several times to pass the exam to be a regular teacher. That’s why she spent 5 years as temporary teacher.
She starts to face the biggest crisis in her teacher’s career when she unintentionally takes charge of class 2-2


Kang Se Chan
35 years old. Teacher with subject Korean language. Co-in charge of class 2-2

He graduated from Seoul University and became the best teacher in Gangnam area.
He has a polished, chic and elegant charisma which usually wins students and parents.
He’s a teacher who believes that school is a place to produce winner.
It remains mysterious that he left his successful private institute to be a teacher at Seungri high school.


Go Nam Soon
19 years old. Second grade student at Seungri high school

He’s acting as the student president of the class 2-2.
His rank in his class is 33 out of 34 students.
He doesn’t talk much and has no close friend.
He has no ambition to enter college and he just wants to graduate from high school without problem.
But, his life changes when he is nominated as the president of his class.


Song Ha Kyung
18 years old. Second grade student at Seungri high school

She’s the vice-president of class 2-2. Her nickname is ‘Kim Tae Hee of Seungri high school’

Pretty, smart , diligent and sets the goal to enter Seoul University.
She has failed to enter a top high school , then she pick Seungri high school and felt ashamed it.


Lee Kang Joo
18 years old . Second grade student at Seungri high school

Her nickname is ‘Brave Joo’. Her rank in her class is 10 out of 34 students.

She’s boyish , loud, acts first without thinking, kicking first before talking.


Park Heung Soo
19 years old. Second grade student at Seungri high school

A remained student from last year’s class.
A legendary dominator at school.
He was forced to move school 5 times. He’s cruel and careless.

Uhm Dae Woong
40 years old. Teacher subject in mathematics
He’s a good teacher who comes to school early and leaves school later than other people.

Im Jung Soo
49 years old. School principal
She’s been a principal for 25 years.
She’s a legend who brought poor school, Puren high school,became a top high school.
Seungri high school is her second workplace and she wants to make it number 1 school.

Kim Min Ki
18 years old.
Clever student of class 2-2 with good personality. His mother always picks him up at school and he becomes teacher’s favorite student.

Oh Jung Ho
18 years old. School’s gangster. Student of class 2-3

Byun Ki Duk
18 years old.
He’s full of personality and good at networking. That’s why he gets a lot of friends.
His motto is ‘the reason to go to school is making friends’

Kim Dong Suk
18 years old. Flower boy
Lazy, dirty and careless.
He’s the big fan of European football, always sleeps at school.

Kye Na Ri
18 years old
She’s former child actress for TV drama. Now she’s a regular student and bullied at school.



Jang Na Ra as Jung In Jae
Choi Daniel as Kang Se Chan
Park Hae Mi
Lee Han Wie
Uhm Hyo Sup as Uhm Tae Woong
Oh Young Shil as Yoo Nam Hee


Park Se Young as Song Ha Kyung
Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam Soon
Kim Woo Bin as s Park Heung Soo
Ryu Hyo Young as Lee Kang Joo
Kim Chang Hwan as Han Young Woo
Kwak Jung Wook as Oh Jung Ho
Choi Chang Yub as Kim Min Ki
Jun Soo Jin
Jung Yeon Joo
Da Ni


Oh Ga Eun
Yoon Joo Sang as Jo Bong Soo

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