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Title: Scandal : A Shocking and Wrongful Incident / Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident
Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 36
Directors: Kim Jin Man, Park Jae Bum
Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi (Sparkling, Who Are You)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-June-29

A man loses his son when a building collapses. He finds out who killed his son and kidnaps the son of this man. When the son (Ha Eun Joong) grows up, he learns that the man he believed to be his father was in fact a kidnapper. This is a story of revenge, and the life after with wound and restoration.
A father who has killed a boy and a father who has kidnapped him: Ha Eun Joong, grows up as a detective, endlessly desperate between these 2 fathers. He walks into the whirlwind of the destiny wishing to find the truth about 2 fathers and a woman he loves. (MBC Global media)

Character Description

Ha Eun Joong

30 years old. Detective in Gangnam police station. Though he looks blunt, he is warm and thoughtful son and detective. He is a real man who gives many touches to people.

His father was also a detective . He wants to know why his father quit his job as a detective and lives as a daily worker with loneliness. What happened on 1988?

Woo Ah Mi

26 years old. Owner of small stall.
She is clean. She can make other people’s heart clean. She is simple and has a warm heart. She has many loves and talkative.

Jang Eun Joong

30 years old. Star lawyer in Law-Firm ‘Chunha’.
Son of ‘Taeha Group’ Chairman Jang Taeha as well as Law-Firm ‘Chunha’ President Yoon Hwa Young. But, actually, he does not know his real parents.

He is a gentleman. He is a good man, charming and perfect son. He is generous to others while strict to himself. He is smart and gracious.

But, the heavy burden, tension and stress as the spotlighted main role are given to him.

Ha Myung Geun

59 years old. Beloved father of Ha Eun Joong and Ha Soo Young. He is now chief workmen in Taeha Group Construction Site.

He was a detective during 1988 criminal case. Now, he feels himself as a monster. He is afraid that his son becomes monster just like him. It doesn’t matter that I am becoming monster. But, it is not acceptable that my son becomes monster because of revenge.

How can I recover this tragedy? Though my life was already a tragedy, my son’s life must be happy-ending. How I can make him stop?

Jang Taeha

61 years old. Chairman of Taeha-Group. The 1st man of Korean Conglomerate. Father of Jang Eun Joong and Jang Joo Ha. He has many women including 1st wife, Yoon Hwa Young and 2nd wife, Ko Joo Ran who insists herself as1st wife.

As his appearance portrays an intellectual and gentle man, it is hard to know that he has very fierce and brutal personality. His nickname is cannibalistic-shark. Usually, he uses money for the person who bothers him. But, if money is fail, he destroys him.

Yoon Hwa Young

57 years old. President of Law-firm ‘Chunha’.
Mother of ‘Ha Eun Joong’ and ‘Jang Eun Joong’.
She is gracious, logical and intellectual. She spends her life with rivalry against Ko Joo Ran.
She hates her husband very much but stays with him because of her son.

Her late father told her in jail “Don’t be angry. Though I became like this, though ‘Chunha Construction Company became Taeha Construction Company, someday, your son will be the owner of it. Is it not enough?”

Ko Joo Ran

2nd wife of Jang Taeha. Former top actress in 1980s. Mother of Jang Joo Ha.
She changes her self from ice to fire easily. She likes men. She does not like female. Why? Because other female does not like her.

She loves Jang Taeha. Why I have to share Jang Taeha with Yoon Hwa Young?
She is life-rival of Yoon Hwayoung. She feels sick-and-tired against everything of Yoon Hwa Young.

I will not make my daughter as a shadow, just like me . I will make her the successor of ‘Taeha Group’

Jang Joo Ha

The daughter of Jang Taeha and Ko Joo Ran.
She is the older sister of the two Eun Joong.
She inherits beauty from her mother and braveness from her father. She is now Planning Department Director as well as Marketing Director of Taeha Group.

Her mother thought her martial arts rather than piano or violin. Her mother gave boy’s cloth to her instead of girl’s cloth. Her mother wants her to be the successor of Taeha Group.
To fulfill her purpose, she hides claws and gives royal to father.

Shin Kang Ho

Body guard as well as driver of Chairman Jang Taeha. He does everything whatever Chairman orders. Even if it is murdering people! Actually, he is a human weapon of Chairman Jang Taeha.

Kang Joo Pil

One of three main men of Jang Taeha.
During the 1988 criminal case, he was a reporter of one newspaper. He is now the chief-of-advertising-team for Taeha Group.
His secret job is controlling dark money of Group and lobbying to Government.
He is evil and mean.

Kim Jae Won as Ha Eun Joong
Jo Yoon Hee as Woo Ah Mi
Jo Jae Hyun as Ha Myung Geun
Shin Eun Gyung as Yoon Hwa Yeong
Ki Tae Young as Jang Eun Joong
Park Sang Min as Jang Tae Ha
Kim Hye Ri as Go Joo Ran
Kim Kyu Ri as Jang Joo Ha
Jo Han Chul as Shin Kang Ho
Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joo Pil
Han Groo as Ha So Young

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