Title: Salamander Guru and the Gang / Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team
Genre : Sitcom
Episodes: 10
Director: Park Seung Min
Writer: Seo Eun Jung
Broadcast network: SBS, every Friday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-27 to 2012-Mar-30
Air time: Friday 23:00

A comic comedy about 2 stupid cheaters accidentally become a fake salamander guru with the help of genius computer hacker.

Character Description

Won Sam
He’s a simple ignorant naive man. Guru’s helper.
He used to be a promising baseball-catcher during high school but then joined gangster group after injured his left hand.

He was cheated by that gangster group who promised to take care his poor mother and as the result he was put in prison instead the gangster boss. In jail he then met Sundal.

He has big muscle and good ability in throwing or catching something that’s why his  team used his body power in every theft job. He likes racing girl and sexy video, so no wonder he likes Kyu Sun. But as a playboy, he easily falls in love with new pretty girl.

Sun Dal
He’s a born cheater and a genius in forging anything.
To make money for his ill son, he did fraud crime and he was put in jail for it.
After released from jail, he found that his family have been moved to other place and his wife has been married to another man.

He then found himself difficult to find job because his past as a cheater. So he set up a theft team with Won Sam whom he met in prison. Whe he starts to impersonates salamander guru Bum Kyu, he made his fortune-telling house becomes bigger and bigger, thanks to his amazing talking skill and Min Hyuk’s hacking skill.

He starts to love Kyung Ja, who often comes to his fortune-telling house but he hides his feeling. He misses his own son and starts to take care Kyung Ja’s son in return.

Min Hyuk

Genius hacker with social phobia , whose father is a computer genius, played with a computer like a toy from when he was little. He grew up learning hacking skills through his dad who was terminally ill and ran an illegal gambling place for his family’s future.
After his dad passed away, Min Hyuk was adopted abroad. He immersed himself in playing with computer and got social phobia. When he turns 20, he returns to Korea and starts chasing the guy X who drove his dad to death.
Following clues from his memories, he finds Salamander Guru’s fortune telling house and meets Sun Dal and Won Sam. To find Salamander Guru who knows the secrets of X, Min Hyuk has no choice but to help the fake gurus. With his brain and excellent hacking skills, Min Hyuk controls Sun Dal behind a mirror and finds codes his dad left by recalling his childhood memories one by one. Min Hyuk, who has been secretive with social phobia, gradually becomes more open while living with Sun Dal and Won Sam.

Kyung Ja
A cute female detective who believes in shamanism and a single mother. A careless but righteous detective for violent-criminal-section.

As a die-hard believer for shamanism, she relies on it for every aspect in her life, ever a daily simple things likes her socks color, underwear color and the number of stairs. If she meets difficulty, she immediately sees her luck through the cards.

She then demoted to juvenile section after she made mistake in a crime scene which involving Won Sam. She wants to return to her old section by catching Won Sam. She then visits fortune-telling house to meet a salamander guru for help but instead she meets the fake one.

Bum Gyu
Real salamander guru in dementia.
He’s a well-known fortune-teller who famous for his sharp vision but he’s also hard to meet.  He likes beautiful ladies. He named himself a salamander guru because a salamander once saved his life when he’s a child.

Min Ho as Min Hyuk (Hacker)
Oh Dal Soo as Sun Dal (Swindler)
Im Won Hee as Won Sam (Assistant guru)
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Kyung Ja (Detective)
Lee Byung Joon as Bum Gyu (Real Salamander Guru)

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