Title: Road Number One
Episodes: 20
Producer: Kim Jin Min (Bittersweet life, Time between Dog & Wolf)
Director : Lee Jang Soo (Stairway to heaven, love story in Harvard)
Scriptwriter: Han Ji Hoon (Time of dog and wolf)
Broadcast network : MBC, Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast start : 23 June 2010 to 2010-Aug-26


Based on the events occurring around “Route 1”, which lies between Seoul and Pyongyang. The story about Officer Lee Jang Woo who finds himself in a war that he is not prepared for in order to protect Soo Yeon, the woman he has known and loved since youth. However, he is able to put it past him and he displays extraordinary survival skills, friendship, cooperation and ideology under brutal war conditions. Soo Yeon awaits Jang Woo’s return, but eventually gets engaged to Tae Ho. When Jang Woo returns alive, however, Tae Ho discovers Jang Woo and Soo Yeon’s unbreakable bond and feels betrayed.

Character Description

road-no-1-cast-1Lee Jang-woo(Company commander, Captain) / actor So Ji-seob

“Please stay alive, Soo-yeon. I’ll stay alive if you’re alive, too.”
Born in poverty, his father was a peasant. He starts out as a petty officer but later becomes a captain in battlefield promotions. He is warmhearted, stubborn and strong-willed.
He is also a trusting and warm person. In the battlefield, he has uncanny tactical skills that serve him well in overpowering enemy combatants in any kind of terrain. Leaving his hometown, he becomes a soldier to earn enough money to put Soo-yeon through medical school. Soo-yeon happens to be the daughter of the master he worked for as a servant. While risking his life in the battlefield, he thinks about Soo-yeon all the time.
Experienced in guerilla warfare, he leads his troops to victory and as a reward he is allowed to return to his hometown where he finds out that Soo-yeon is engaged to Tae-ho, and this devastates him. Then the Korean War erupts and he desperately fights alongside Tae-ho, a fellow soldier, friend, and rival, with the hope of seeing Soo-yeon once again.

road-no-1-cast-2Shin Tae-ho (Platoon leader, First lieutenant) / Actor Yoon Kye-sang

“I’ll follow you while your heart is following Kim Soo-yeon”
An elite officer and graduate of the Army Academy.
He enrolled in the army academy to follow in the footsteps of his father who was an independence fighter. After graduating from the academy, he volunteers to fight at the frontlines in the Korean War. He wishes to become a decorated soldier and defend his country. Immensely proud of himself, he is supremely confident that he will be able to distinguish himself in the war. As a man who lives a principled life, he falls in love with Soo-yeon, a graceful, young woman. But an important secret mission that he leads is bungled because of Soo-yeon and he starts to doubt whether she really loves him.
He is stuck with Jang-woo, his rival suitor for Soo-yeon’s love, when they are assigned to the same platoon. They bicker with each other but after fighting many fierce battles together, they develop a deep friendship…

road-no-1-cast-3Kim Soo-yeon (Jang-woo’s lover, doctor) / actress Kim Ha-neul
“Shoot me if that will end this battle.”
She grew up together with Jang-woo and she’s like a sister to him. They later fall in love with each other. Her heart belongs to Jang-woo. One day, she is told that Jang-woo died in the Battle of Mt. Balchi and so she reluctantly gets engaged to Tae-ho, who courted her. She plays a pivotal role in setting in motion a tank attack by the North Korean Army when her brother overhears her conservation with Tae-ho who mentions a preemptive strike on a bridge that is crucial to the North Korean forces. When Jang-woo miraculously returns alive, she hardly gets the chance to welcome him because the civil war erupts on June 25th, the very day of her wedding with Tae-ho. She flees the encroaching army with her family and is reunited with Jang-woo in Busan. But she chooses to head back north because she does not want to abandon her ailing brother. She is a strong woman who is also a tender lover. She is loved by Jang-woo and Tae-ho, who are attracted to her tenderness and warmth.

road-number-one-cast-1Oh Jong-ki (Master Sergeant, First Sergeant) / Actor Son Chang-min
Although he is a brilliant war tactician, he has a violent personality and uses brutal methods.
He brings down the morale of everyone around him.

The minute he laid his eyes on Jang-woo, he knew he wouldn’t like him.
He doesn’t recognize Jang-woo’s expertise in guerilla warfare and combat skills.

He supports platoon leader Tae-ho and undermines Jang-woo whenever he can.

road-number-one-cast-2Yoon Sam-soo (Company commander, Captain) / actor Choi Min-soo
He’s a brave and patriotic soldier.
A soldier’s soldier.
He mentors Lee Jang-woo and Shin Tae-ho.

While leading the 2nd company, he dies in battle. Even after his death, his bravery and leadership are burnished in the memories of Jang-woo and Tae-ho.
Source : MBC Global media

Main Cast
So Ji Sub as Lee Jang Woo
Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon
Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho
Sohn Chang Min as Oh Jong Ki
Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo
Kim Jin Woo  as Soo Yeon’s brother
Lee Jin Sung
Julien Kang
Shin Hyun Joon (cameo)

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Episode 1 2010/6/23–11.2
Episode 2 2010/6/24–10.1

Episode 3 2010/6/30–7.3
Episode 4 2010/7/1–7.7

Episode 5 2010/7/7–6.9
Episode 6 2010/7/8–7.7

Episode 7 2010/7/14–7.1
Episode 8 2010/7/15–7.5

Episode 9 2010/7/21–7.7
Episode 10 2010/7/22–7.5

Episode 11 2010/7/28–6.9
Episode 12 2010/7/29–5.0

Episode 13 2010/8/4–5.4
Episode 14 2010/8/5–5.3
Episode 15 2010/8/11–4.4
Episode 16 2010/8/12–4.8
Episode 17 2010/8/18–5.5
Episode 18 2010/8/19–4.8
Episode 19 2010/8/25–4.7
Episode 20 2010/8/26–5.0

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