Title: Ripley / Goodbye Miss Ripley / Miss Ripley Who I Loved
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Director: Choi Yi Sup (as producer : The Duo, Queen of Reversals)
Screenwriter: Kim Sun Young
Broadcast network: MBC, Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to 2011-Jul-19

Miss Ripley is inspired by infamous real case of  Shin Jung Ah, a professor and curator at Dongguk University who with the help of her boyfriend forged her academic credentials.
In Miss Ripley, Lee Da Hae is an orphan, adopted in Japan then came back to Korea and forged her academic credentials to get a job  in a hotel.

Micky Yoochun is the heir of a hotel business, Kim Seung Woo is the general manager of the hotel and helped Lee Da Hae to get a job. Micky and his uncle, Kim Seung Woo, both fall in love with Lee Da Hae.
Kang Hye Jung is Lee Da Hae’s sister in orphanage.

Character Description

Jang Miri
Japanese Name : Mirai

I want to have the world, even if it is fake…

“The one who bears a lonely soul, howling in a world of darkness.”
Straightforward, confident, fears nothing, and very realistic….
She was abandoned by her parents as a child, and doesn’t trust society  and people. Therefore, she is emotionally violent, vain, selfish and  very greedy. After being adopted in Japan, she was sold to a club to pay  off her stepfather’s debts, and led a life of dread. She then escapes  back to Korea, and begins working in a hotel, beginning her new life.

Jang Myeong Hoon
Hotel’s Managing Director

I believe in love and I lost everything

“Always aiming for No. 1, and often becoming No. 1, the perfect man.”
A man of few words, cautious, accurate, calm, with a strong sense of  responsibility. Once he decides on something, he will never look back….
In short, he is a man who has never messed up, a trustworthy elite, but  not someone you can lean on. He meets Miri, who will stop at nothing to  achieve her goals. Initially, he plans to fire Miri but soon discovers  her good points, and helps her to succeed. In the end, he is unable to  control himself and falls in love with her.

Heir to Mondo Resorts, Korean Name : Song Yoo Hyun

I have the world, but it is fake…

“Cautious, only seeking the truth… This generation’s Prince Charming”
Buried in his heart is his longing for his birth mother.
At the same time, he often feels apologetic to his step-mother, who is  unable to have children of her own, and because of this, hopes that she  can be involved in the running of the company as well. He has a strong  relationship with his step-mother, and returns to the country for the  resort. He meets Miri at the study hostel where he is temporarily  residing in, and realises that Miri also shares a similar loneliness….

Moon Hui Joo
Miri’s Younger Sister from the Orphanage

I believe that the world is beautiful.

“Obedient, innocent, weak, pure, yet smart and quick witted.”
Losing her parents to a traffic accident, she became an orphan at a young age.
Her body is weak, and she is very introverted, always quiet at the  orphanage. She liked Miri from the first time they met, because Miri was  her exact opposite, with strong opinions. She likes following Miri  around, and when Miri was adopted to Japan, she whole-heartedly wished  that Miri would find happiness, a warm-hearted child.
Credit :

Main Cast
Lee Da Hae
Micky Yoochun
Kim Seung Woo
Kang Hye Jung
Hwang Ji Hyun
Lee Sang Yeob

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ep    date               AGB    TNS
1    2011/5/30    13.2    11.3
2    2011/5/31    14.3    11.9
3    2011/6/6    13.9    10.4
4    2011/6/7    13.7    9.6
5    2011/6/13    12.1    9.0
6    2011/6/14    12.7    9.8
7    2011/6/20    11.9    9.1
8    2011/6/21    13.2    10.1
9    2011/6/27    12.3    8.9
10    2011/6/28    14.2    10.8
11    2011/7/4    12.9    10.7
12    2011/7/5    13.9    10.5
13    2011/7/11    14.2    12.3
14    2011/7/12    16.5    14.0
15    2011/7/18    15.0    12.4
16end    2011/7/19    15.4    12.2

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