riders catch tomorrow

Title : Riders : Catch Tomorrow
Genre : romance
Episode : 12
Director : Choi Do Hoon (Empress, Unemployed Romance)
Screenwriter : TBA
Broadcast network : E-Channel
Broadcast period : November 2015

Tell story of the lives of young adults getting started in the real world, in romance and work.
Kim Dong Wook is new employee in large company but then decides to start his won company, a rickshaw company, with his two childhood friends.
Lee Chun Ah is young woman doing part time jobs and dreams to be an illustrator.
She will be in love triangle with Kim Dong Wook and his friend.
Choi Yeo Jin is former cycling athlete who works at Kim Dong Wook’s rickshaw company.


Main Cast
Kim Dong Wook
Lee Chung Ah
Choi Yeo Jin


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