REPLY 1994

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Title: Reply 1994 / Answer to 1994 / Answer Me 1994
Genre: Youth, romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Director: Shin Won Ho (Reply 1997)
Screenwriter: Lee Woo Jung (Reply 1997)
Broadcast network: tvN, every Friday & Saturday 20:40
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-18


A drama about a group of college students who live in a boarding house located in Shinchon, run by Na Jung and her family, that houses students from all over the countryside who come to Seoul for college. It will cover the lives of college freshmen in 1994 as they learn to live in a big city and what the students will go through as they experience Seoul, the basketball tournament obsession, Seo Taiji and Kids, and other social issues that occurred in 1994.

Character Description

Sung Najung

Female/Freshman majoring computer technology/Born in 1975/20years old/ Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is Southeast province.
(** Korea also has small delicate rival feeling among provinces like any other nations)

“After I enter university, I will date Lee Sangmin oppa” (** Lee Sangmin is the famous university basketball player.)

Even if she sometimes late for her own class, she never late for Sangmin’s basketball practice hour. Even if she sometimes misses her own class, she is angry when Sangmin misses his basketball practice. She is an almost basket ball team member. Actually, she has no interests in game or rules of basketball. She just wants to see Sangmin oppa in the basketball court. Sangmin is like oxygen! Sangmin’s strong leg is so sexy! After a long-time favor for Sangmin, she decides that ‘I will make love with Sangmin oppa when I enter Sangmin’s university!’

Her intensive consideration and target-consciousness makes miracle! She entered the same university with Sangmin!

She is now grown-up female. She is now 20 years old. No more a little girl who is controlled by elder people. Her life-target may become reality. She never doubted that she would become a woman of Sangmin (=Sangmin’s wife). She is happy with the possibility. Imagination itself can make her happy.

Though she looks reckless outwardly, she is sensitive in some way. Because of her sensitiveness, there are always small wars with her elder brother. But, in spite of sensitiveness, she has many friends. It is because of her warmth and kindness. For example, she likes to celebrate friend’s Memorial Day.

One day, one new man appears in front of Najung. Najung, who does not know man except Sangmin, starts to be shaken a little bit. On a certain day of spring, 20 years old freshman Najung starts to 1st love?

Sseu re ki

Male/ Born on 1971/24years old/ Present age is 43 years old/Hometown is Southeast Province.
(** Sseu re ki means garbage in Korean language)

“Do you call me Sseu re ki? Garbage? I said this is enough!”

Theater? ‘I never went to theater! CN Blue?(=famous idol group) ‘What is it? I never heard the name!’

His only hobby is reading cartoon in the sofa with lousy sportswear. When he does it, he looks like homeless poor man. He has no sense of smartness. Food? If it can be edible, Bitterness or saltiness does not matter to him. He even does not watch expiry date of milk. He even drinks rotten milk.
His only moment of using brain is when he bothers younger sister, Najung.

It is mysterious that he is sometimes favored by some girls.
It may be because of his insensitiveness. Girls may think it is his coolness. But, his insensitiveness applies also to love. He never remember girl friend’s birthday. So, his won’t last more than 3 months. So, until today, while quarreling with his younger sister, he still lay down in the couch reading cartoon.


Male/Ace Pitcher in baseball team /Born on 1975/20years old/ Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is Seoul

“Baseball was only thing I know. But, recently, I find another favorable thing!”

He is ace baseball pitcher in Universities. With his fast ball, (**There are many types of baseball pitcher. Usually, fastball pitcher is considered attractive rather than other type), with his assured game style, during high school age, he won 7 games in a row in nationwide game. Since he won MVP at that time, he earned nickname Chilbong (**means, 7 times straight game winner)

As he behaves well, (**Usually, sports star may faces many kinds of seduction. Some kind of seduction may ruin talents), many adult team wanted to scout him.

In ‘Sinchon boarding house’, he is the only person who is originated from Seoul area. Not only Seoul area! He comes from Kangnam where only rich people live! Some people say that Seoul people are very selfish! But, Chilbong looks different. In spite of his handsome prideful looks, he is kind and friendly. He moved to ‘Sinchon Boarding House’ following his cousin, ‘Bing Geu Re’.
So, people in ‘Sinchon Boarding House’ like him.

Chilbong also likes this boarding house. He feels at home in that boarding house.
It may be because of Najung.
Whenever he sees Najung, he feels refreshment

But, one day, his heart feels bitter whenever he sees Najung. Though he only interested in baseball, , he feels something with Najung. She may become more valuable thing than baseball.


Male/Freshman majoring computer technology/Born on 1975/20years old/ Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is Southwest Province.
(** Korea also has small delicate rival feeling among provinces like any other nations. Haetae is the famous baseball team located in Southwest Province)

“Do you know? I was the 1st new generation consumer (**=consumer who does not care price with parent’s money) in my town”

His family was the richest family in his town. All the public buses in his town are owned by his father. So, he never experienced shortage.

As he was very curious and sensible to new trend, in his hometown, he was the 1st boy who started to use “game boy” and “386 generation computer” (**When computer appears in the world at 1st time, he was able to use it before any other boy in his town)

Now, he becomes a college boy. He has so many things that he wants to try to do. Recently, he falls in love with customs of night club. So, he is now the 1st new generation consumer in night club.
There are so many new interesting things in Seoul comparing to his hometown!

With his friendly and mild personality, he is easy man to be approached. But, sometimes there is quarrel with roommate, ‘Shamchunpo’. They have different taste. Personality, likings, tastes, preferences, everything is different. But, he does not keep in mind their quarrel for a long time.



Male/Freshman majoring computer technology/Born on 1975/20years old/Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is Southwest province.

“Elder brother, you can talk to me easily. I am just 20 years old!”

He looks like 34 years old . But, different than his face, he is delicate perfectionist.

Though, in Seoul, everyone is surprised with his old face, he was also the very precious son in his home. He was also a noble son in rich local family. In his home, he was considered as Zhang Gourong (**=very handsome Hong Kong actor and singer. His English name is Leslie Cheung. He committed suicide in 2003. At the day of his funeral, many people from whole world visited Hong Kong)

He is very prideful and his opinion is always clear. When he does not know something, he pretends to know it very well. If he thinks something is right, he says his opinion clearly regardless the person whom he talks.

He’s always cleaning his surroundings, he’s always wearing well-ironed clothes. For him, sharing one room with ‘Haetae’ is very hard thing. Nothing of ‘Haetae’ matches his preferences. But, sometimes, he feels thankful to ‘Haetae’ as ‘Haetae’ keeps in approaching him next day regardless of yesterday’s quarrel.

Bing Geu Re

Male/Freshman majoring medical course/Born on 1975/20years old/Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is central landlocked province.
(** Korea also has small delicate rival feeling among provinces like any other nations. Binggrae is the famous baseball team located in Central Landlocked Province)

“As this is father’s wish, I will attend medical college for one year for him.”
He is a cousin of ‘Chilbong’. His father operates the biggest poultry farm in his province.

He listens very well to other people with smiling face. But, he rarely expresses his thought.
As he well manages friendship with peoples, he has many friends. But, as he always keeps some distances, it is hard to know his thought.

Though he looks cheerful, when people mentions about his family, he startles. It is because of his father. His memory about father is just an angry face and roar. So, he never resisted his father’s opinion. He entered medical school according to his father’s wish. Though the study is not so difficult , though he likes new friends in school, he has no interests in school curriculum.

His only enjoyment is watching TV all day in the living room without necessity of watching his father’s face.

‘Sseu re ki’ is big help for him.

In his life, this is the first time he left home. Everything in Seoul is very unfamiliar to him. Life in Seoul, College life in Seoul is unfamiliar to him.

And, what is this delicate feeling that I feels first time in my life?…

Jo Yunjin

Female/Freshman majoring computer technology/Born on 1975/20years old/Present age is 39 years old/Hometown is southwest province.

“Oh, my god! Taeji oppa shows smile to me!”

She is a girl who is crazy about Seo Taeji (**=Extremely famous idol star in 1990s)
She is a sole female boarder in ‘Sinchon Boarding House’. As she acts so shy, she is hard to see except the mealtime. Except mealtime, she usually spends her time in her room. Though she is in the same class with ‘Najung”Haetae’ and ‘Shamchunpo’, she is hard to meet in the school as well.

Her remarkable daily schedule is listening music of ‘Seo Taeji’ or waiting ‘Seo Taeji’ in front of his house. She does not care anybody else. Also, she does not want to be cared by other people.

For this kind of close-minded girl,
‘Friend’ appears in sight.
Whenever she meets ‘Friend’, she feels that her heart becomes loosen.

Go Ah Ra as Sung Na Jung
Shin Soo Yun as child Na Jung

Na Jung’s family
Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Na Jung’s father)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Na Jung’s mother)
Yook Sung Jae as Sung Joon (Na Jung’s brother in 2013)

Students in Shinchon Boarding House
Jung Woo as Sseu Re Ki (meanings: trash / garbage)
Yoo Yun Suk as Chil Bong Yi (meaning: seven shutouts)
Kim Sung Kyun as Sham Chun Po (meaning: Samcheonpo city)
Son Ho Joon as Hae Tae (reference: Haitai Tigers)
Baro as Bing Geu Re (meaning: smiley)
Min Do Hee as Jo Yoon Jin

Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Ki Tae
NC.A as Sung Joon’s friend in 2013 (ep 6)

Cameo and Guest Appearances

Moon Kyung Eun as basketball athlete (ep 1)
Woo Ji Won as basketball athlete (ep 1)
Kim Hoon as basketball athlete (ep 1)
Hong Suk Chun as ROTC cadet (ep 2)
Na Young Suk as Yonsei student boarder (ep 2)
Heo Kyung Young as interrogative student boarder (ep 2)
Bae Woo Hee as Ha Hee Ra (ep 2)
Kim Min Young as Lee Soon Ja (ep 2)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Sseu Re Ki’s professor (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)
Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Joo Yeon (ep 5)
Yun Joon Suk as Kim Dong Woo (ep 9)
Jung Sung Ho as songwriter (ep 9)

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Reply 1994 is a spin off of hit drama Reply 1997.
Actor Sung Dong Il and actress Lee Il Hwa who appeared in Reply 1997 returned to Reply 1994
The drama started with a week early with Episode 0, a special episode as an introduction.

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