Title : Queen Inhyun’s Man
Genre : fantasy romance
Episode : 16
Director : Kim Byung Soo (Vampire Prosecutor)
Scriptwriter : Song Jae Jung
Broadcast station : tvN, every Wednesday-Thursday 23:00
Broadcast period : 2012-April – 18 to 2012-June-7

A scholar from Chosun era travels forward to modern Seoul and meet with an actress whom he misjudges as Queen In Hyun from Chosun dynasty.

Character Description

Kim Boong-do
An upright Confucian scholar from the Joseon era, whose family falls victim to a conspiracy and is killed. He’s the sole survivor and a supporter of Queen In-hyun, who has fallen out of power. In the midst of plotting to restore her to power, he gets the time-swap to 2012. There, he meets Choi Hee-jin, an actress playing the role of In-hyun in a drama titled Jang Hee-bin.

Choi Hee-jin
Yoo In Na’s character is Choi Hee-jin, who’s five years into her debut and still a no-name actress. Thanks to the first love who ditched her, Hee-jin gets cast in the role of Queen In-hyun in the TV drama titled New Jang Heebin and starts to rise in fame… and just as she’s on the cusp of breaking through to being a top star, she meets Kim Boong-do (JiHyun-woo), the time traveler from 300 years ago.

He’ll play Choi Hee Jin (Yoo InNa)’s ex-boyfriend and current Hallyu star Han Dong-min. Dong-min is a playboy character with a list of romantic scandals a mile long, with lots of other celebs from the acting and pop music worlds. He plays the king, Sukjong, in theTV drama ”New Jang Heebin”. Naturally things are a little weird when the womanizing actor is paired with the girlfriend he dumped, Choi Hee Jin, when she’s cast as Queen In-hyun.

She will play Choi Hee Jin (YooIn Na)’s rival for Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun-woo)’s affections.
Her character comes from the Joseon era and starts out as a household slave to a nobleman’s family, who loves Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun-woo) from afar. After his family is wiped out in a conspiracy, she runs away and turns to an entertainer’s life. She is described as a gisaeng who watches Ji Hyun-woo traveling back and forth between the two times. Since Kim Boong Do begins falling for Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) in the 21st century, the gisaeng can’t help but be jealous of her…

Yoon Na-jeong
She’ll hate and harass Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) despite her beloved “nation’s fairy” image (as in, cute and approachable). So while she’s the popular star compared to Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na)’s no-name rookie actress-dom, she isn’t above belittling or mistreating her.

Jo Soo Kyung
25 years old.
She’s Hee Jin long time friend as well as her manager. Actually, she’s more like a guardian than a friend and they live in the same house. They have dream to make big money together and joined show business.

She always cleaned up Hee Jin’s mess and she worries about Hee Jin’s careless mistakes and losing opportunity to reach success. Unlike Hee Jin, she’s a careful and decisive personality

Min Ahm
60 years old
He’s the right hand minister.
He’s the top man in government but involved in the assassination of Boong Do. He makes a plot with Jang Hee Bin to eliminate Queen In Hyun.

Ja Soo
30 years old
He’s great swordsman, assassin and the loyal sidekick of Minam. As per Minam’s order, he tried many times to kill Boong Do but failed.

Jang Hee Bin
Early 30s
She’s the most famous lady in Chosun. She risen to be the Queen after eliminated previous queen In Hyun.
But, father King Sujong switches his attention to Choi concubine, she starts to regret what she did.


Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Boong Do
Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin
Kim Jin Woo as Han Dong Min

Ga Deuk Hi as Jo Soo Kyung
Park Young Rin as Yoon Na Jung
Jo Dal Hwan as Chun Soo
Uhm Hyo Sup as Min Ahm
Lee Kwan Hoon as Ja Soo
Jin Ye Sol as Yoon Wol
Ji Nam Hyuk as Han Dong
Seo Woo Jin as King Sukjong
Kim Hae In as Queen In Hyun
Choi Woo Ri as Jang Heebin
Kim Won Hae as Officer Hong
Kim Kyul as Young Myung

Teaser 1

Teaser 2



  • On June 7, Ji Hyun Woo unexpectedly made a public confession about his feeling for his co-star Yoo In Na during a fan event of Queen Inhyun’s Man. Ji Hyun Woo said that he sincerely loves Yoo In Na, 2 years older.

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