Title: Pure Love
Genre: Sitcom, Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Director: Kwon Jai Young
Screenwriter: Choi Soo Young
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Monday to Friday 19:45
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-18


A sitcom dealing with the life and love in school and family.

Cast Description

Kim Sunmi

Born on 1974. High school teacher who likes children.
Though she is now 40 years old, she still dreams love. When she was a college girl, she lost her heart to Woosung. But, Woosung had so much popularity among other girls that she could not approach him. Many years later, Woosung is dispatched to her school as a same teacher. Rather than old day’s heart-beating, she feels afraid that her past story would be opened to everybody.

Like 20 years old Sunmi, 40 years old Sunmi is still not good at confessing. Though, now, she does one-side-love to her old friend, Jungwoo, she is afraid to lose friend if she confesses.

Sunmi’s mother

Housewife in her 60s. Lady who likes to talk with daughter talkatively. Her wish is that her daughter meets and marries to a good man as soon as possible.

Jungwoo, former boarder in her house, sometimes visits her house. She considers him as the best candidate for her daughter.

Jung Woosung

Born on 1976. 38 years old math teacher in high school. Single and immature father.
When he was a college boy, he’s popular among girls because he was handsome. But now , that pretty face is gone, and, he lives as a plain single daddy who lost his wife 16 years ago.

Jung Soonjung

17 years old high school girl. Woosung’s daughter. More mature than her father. As she lost mother when she was a baby, she has no memory about mother, and, became more thoughtful girl.

Choi Minsoo

Born on 1971, a self-employed man. During his college times, he made popular girl Soo Ji as his wife. But, during marriage, his wife changed so much. The beautiful girl-like-flower became charismatic and emotionless woman.

Kang Suji

Born on 1972. Minsoo’s wife and famous novelist.
With her pure and innocent image, she had big popularity among boys during her college days. Moreover, she became a famous novelist as a college student.

But now, after her husband’s business failed, in order to make a living, using her career, she writes small columns or teaching.

Choi Joonyoung
17 years old high school boy.
Suji and Minsoo’s son. He inherited pretty face from his mother, makes him popular among girls.
His mother wants him to study well bit he hates school.

Jun Mi Sun as Kim Sun Mi
Kwon Ki Sun as Sun Mi’s mother
Kim Tae Hoon as Jung Woo Sung
Ji Woo as Jung Soon Jung
Lee Jae Ryong as Choi Min Soo
Do Ji Won as Kang Soo Ji
Lee Won Geun as Choi Joon Young
Lee Hoon as Ha Jung Woo
Seo Yi Sook as Ma Eun Hee
Han Soo Yun as Ha So Yeon
Oh Gwang Suk as Oh Pil Dok
Jo Woo Ri as Ko Da Bi
Jin Woo as Jin Woo
Kim Woo Ram as Park Chi Gi

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