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Title: Princess Aurora
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 100+
Director: Kim Jung Ho, Jang Joon Ho
Screenwriter: Im Sung Han (New Tales of Gisaeng, Queen Ahyun)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Monday to Friday 19:15
Broadcast period: 2013-May-20

Aurora, daughter of a big company’s president , is falling in love at the first sight with a novelist. The drama will tell story of those 2 families.

Character Description

Oh Ro Ra
The only daughter of the owner of Chunwang Food.
She is the darling in the family where there are 3 elder brothers whose age are 12 years more than Oh Ro Ra. She is trouble solver in family with her smartness and rationality.

Hwang Mama

Best seller novelist who does not like to let other people know his face. His Pen name is ‘Yellow Devil’. He avoided public appearance so only few people know him. Actually, he is handsome, tall, with attractive voice. In one word, he is an attractive man.

Sa Im Dang

Oh Daesan’s wife. Intellectual and cool woman. The lady of Chunwang Food.

Wang Yeook

Biological mother of Sagong and Jiyoung. As she remarries with Joo ri’s father, she becomes the lady of ‘Dongbang medical clinic’. Though she pretends friendly with Joo Ri, who is a daughter of her husband’s ex-wife, their relation is not so good. She is waiting the day of revenge against Joo Ri.

Oh Wang Sung

1st son of Chunwang Food. Oh Ro Ra’s eldest brother. As he is afraid of his father, he avoided confrontation with his father.

Hwang Shi Mong

Hwang Mama’s oldest sister. Owner and chef of French restaurant ‘Versailles’. Gracious and cool woman.

Oh Geumsung

2nd son of Chunwang Food , Oh Ro Ra’s second older brother. Romantic person who dreams 2nd life with hidden woman, Juri.

Hwang Mimong 

Hwang Mama’s second older sister. Still unmarried sculptor. She has unfavorable memory with ‘Rora’ whom she happened to meet coincidently.

Oh Soo Sung

3rd son of Chunwang Food , Oh Ro Ra’s third older brother. Different than his other 2 brothers, he is a little sensitive and feminine.

Hwang Jamong

Hwang Mama’s third older sister. Singer and instructor. She has pride and likes luxury.

Jang Yunsil

The wife of Oh Wangsung, 1st son of Chunwang Food.

Lee Kang Sook

The wife of Oh Keumsung, 2nd son of Chunwang Food. She likes branded apparel. She is proud of her bodyline. She has a little headache because her husband wants divorce.

Kim Sun Mi

The wife of Oh Soo Sung, 3rd son of Chunwang Food.

Park Ji Young

Newspaper reporter as well as Yeo Ok’s daughter. She feels bad against Joo Ri who underestimates her. It is a hell as there is a war every day between Joo Ri and Ji Young.

Park Sagong

Oriental doctor. Yeo Ok’s son. Chief of ‘Dongbang Oriental medical clinic’ As a gentle and kind son, he is the Yeo Ok’s pride.

Park Joo Ri

Fashion designer. Step-daughter of Yeo Ok. She did a lot of evil things to her stepmother and step sister but she’s a woman in love in front of Geum Sung.

Han Soo Da
Oh Ro Ra’s personal secretary


Aurora’s family

Jun So Min as Aurora (Oh Ro Ra)
Park Young Kyu as Oh Wang Sung
Son Chang Min as Oh Geum Sung
Oh Dae Gyu as Oh Soo Sung
Byun Hee Bong as Oh Dae San
Seo Woo Rim as Sa Im Dang
Lee Sang Sook  as Jang Yun Shil
Lee Ah Hyun as Lee Kang Sook
Lee Hyun Kyung as Kim Sun Mi

Hwang Ma Ma’s family

Oh Chang Suk as Hwang Ma Ma
Kim Bo Yun as Hwang Shi Mong
Park Hae Mi as Hwang Mi Mong
Kim Hye Eun as Hwang Ja Mong

Sa Gong’s family

Im Ye Jin as Wang Yeo Ok
Kim Jung Do as Park Sa Gong
Jung Joo Yun as Park Ji Young
Shin Joo Ah as Park Joo Ri


Jung Yeon Joo as Han Soo Da
Kim Se Min
Lee Seung Ha
Song Won Geun
Jun Jung Ro

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