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Title: Pretty Man / Beautiful Man / Pretty Boy
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Jae Sang, Jung Jung Hwa, Shin Yong Hwi
Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-20

An ambitious casanova named Dokgo Ma Te wants to make money using his beautiful apearance and sets out to date rich woman.
He meets strange woman Kim Bo tang, ordinary girl from a poor family who’s been in love with him for ten years.

Character Description

Dokgo Mate , drop dead gorgeous man

“Do you buy luxury goods in installments? I am just looking at these for three seconds”

Mate has known it since his kindergarten days. Even if I do nothing, my girlfriends know when it is necessary and give me toys and snacks. What was it on Valentine’s Day and Pepero Day during my primary school days?

A heap of chocolates and peperos were piled up on my desk and even on the other desks nearby. Packing them all and taking away seemed to be inappropriate, so I gave them to my friends. That was my way!

Since childhood, whenever he went shopping with women, he stopped in front of any wonderful item he wanted to have and stared at it for a while. The next day, that item came into his possession without fail.

One day a woman named Hong Yoo-ra, whose bright appearance excited Mate, told him his flower boy act was typical. For him, it was a great event, so that Mate himself went to see her.

Yoo-ra showed a training method for strengthening his power to conquer women. Now there was no woman who Mate could not conquer.

For Mate, it couldn’t get any easier. The game seemed to be already over.

Kim Bo-tong, a true ordinary woman

“For my oppa, I can dance in red underwear in the center of Myeongdong, in downtown Seoul!”

She has been smitten with Mate all through her life.

It is an ordinary thing for her to pick up Christmas stockings being discarded by others and reuse them as a bag.
She would cut out the rugged sleeves of her younger sister, make a vest with them, pick a artificial flower into it and wear it.

She thinks herself pretty, however, Mate always abuses her. However much she loves Mate, she could not give up her unique fashion sense.

For Bo-tong, the town she lives in is more valuable than any tower palace in Gangnam because Mate also lives there.

From the time she moved to the town when Mate was a middle school boy, she has been in love with him.
She is madly in love with him and feels obligated to care for Mate. She has no interest in kimchi-making in preparation for winter, but she is always sticking her neck out.

One day Yoo-ra, who is more charming than her, appears in front of her and Mate, who is following Hong Yoo-ra’s plan, meets many other women. However, Bo-tong firmly believes pure love is the best way.

Choi David, a lovely and mysterious man

“He has never been egotistical. He wants to be egotistical just once.”

He says he enjoys poverty. But actually he looks like a poor man.
He is a section chief of MG Home Shopping who has the charm to quietly attract people.
Others feel him pitiful, but he himself does not care.

He says when one become section chief, department chief, or bureau chief, one’s life begins to crumble away.
He says the dust covers on his car is a message to the universe.

He does not hang himself on installment savings and on his possessions.
He enjoys dirtiness in the name of vintage.
His soul does not really match with home-shopping, a fierce battle for goods selling.

It is a mystery he has not missed a day of work until now.

The most beautiful woman in the world! He belatedly meet his ideal partner.
The woman came to see him to ask about the sale of a heap of socks through home-shopping.
She is Kim Bo-tong whom he saw once.
Then who are you staring at?

Hong Yoo-ra, a professional smart woman

“The value of the same rough diamond differs greatly depending on the wokrman who carves the diamond out of stones.”

Was it greedy to aspire to be Princess Pyeong-gang in the year of the millennium?
She did not date Park Moon-soo, as he is the heir to MG Group.
She received a proposal and married with him without major objections.

She has wisdom to see farther and counsels and assists her husband in the company affairs.
People regards Moon-soo as an idle man, but she believes he will do a very good job for the company.

Moon-soo did not fail Yoo-ra’s expectations and was on the way to establish himself.
However, he did not know it would agitate Madame Na.
She felt she was caught in a trap and chose to protect her husband.

Yoo-ra sees untapped potential in Mate with his excellent visual style and appearance.
But she thinks he will become a shining jewel after more carving.
I will carve you Dokgo Mate into a superb diamond!
Credit : KBS

Main Cast
Jang Geun Suk as Dokgo Ma Te
IU as Kim Bo Tong
Lee Jang Woo as David Choi
Han Chae Young as Hong Yoo Ra

MG Group

Kim Bo Yun as Na Hong Ran
Dok Go Young Jae as Park Ki Suk
Kim Young Jae as Park Moon Soo

Ma Te’s women

So Yoo Jin as Jaek Hee
Kim Ye Won as Electricity Fairy
Park Ji Yoon as Yo Mi
Lee Seung Min as Yeo Mim
Cha Hyun Jung as Kim In Joong

People around Ma Te

Yang Mi Kyung as Kim Mi Sook (Ma Te’s mother)
Kim Ji Han as Jang Duk Saeng

Kim Bo Tong’s family

Lee Mi Young as Lee Mal Ja (Bo Tong’s mother)
Hoon as Kim Dae Shik (Bo Tong’s younger brother)

Official Site

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Pretty Man is based on 17 volumes of comic book series with same title by Chon Kye Young , published on 2009.

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