Title: Boonhong Lipstick / Pink Lipstick
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 150
Producer: Choi Yong Won
Director: Choi Chang Wook
Scriptwriter: Seo Hyun Joo
Broadcast Network: MBC , Monday to Friday 7:50 AM
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-11 to 2010-Aug-6

Yoo Ga Eun carefully plots her revenge after being betrayed by her husband, Jung Woo, and her best friend, Mi Ran.

Cast Character

pink-lipstick-cast-1Yoo Ga-eun

She’s the daughter of the founder of Taeyang Apparel, a large clothing retailer, and has a sweet, good-natured personality.
She dates Jung-woo in college and they eventually get married. After suffering a miscarriage, she and her husband adopt a young girl and she lovingly cares for her.

pink-lipstick-cast-2Park Jung-woo

Ga-eun’s first husband. He’s a charming and attractive man who went to the best schools throughout his life. He’s a calculating person who doesn’t hesitate to make coldhearted decisions. He grew up poor, which instilled him with a lifelong obsession to become successful. Although he fell in love with Mi-ran when he met her on one of his overseas business trips, he decides to marry Ga-eun for her money.
After Mi-ran returns to Korea, he learns that she’s his wife’s best friend. Mi-ran’s appearance stands in the way of his ambitions.

pink-lipstick-cast-3Ha Jae-beom
Ga-eun’s third husband.
He’s a romantic man who believes in everlasting love.
After he meets Ga-eun, he promises to be at her side forever and keeps his word.

Ga-eun’s best friend who has an affair with Jung-woo while he is married to Ga-eun.
She is an attractive woman who loves Jung-woo.
She returns to Korea to be reunited with Jung-woo but learns that she is married to her friend, Ga-eun.

Credit : MBC

Main Cast

Yoo family
Park Eun Hye as Yoo Ga Eun
Nam Il Woo as Yoo Dong Gook (father)
Kim Young Ran as Jung Have Shil (mother)
Moon Ji Yoon as Yoo Sung Eun (brother)
Kim Min Jwa as Yoo Young En (sister)

Park family
Lee Joo Hyun as Park Jung Woo
Oh Mi Yeon as Han Bun Nyeo (mother)
Maybee asPark Jung Hee (sister)
Kim Soo Jung as Park Na Ri (Jung Woo and Mi Ran’s daughter)

Kim family
Seo Yoo Jung as Kim Mi Ran
Yoo Ji In as Jung Mal Ja (mother)

Other people
Park Kwang Hyun as Ha Jae Bum
Dok Go Young Jae as Maeng Ho Geol (owner of Taeyang apparel)
Sung Woong as Maeng Seo Jin (Ho Geol’s son)
Lee Sang Hoon as Yeo Ki Byul
Jung Yoo Chan as Young Gyu
Baek Bo Ram as Yoon Na Na
Lee Jung Yong as Yong Kap
Song Ji Eun as Kim Min Joo (Mi Ran’s friend)
Won Jong Rye as Oh Soo Ji
Sung Hyuk
Kan Jong Wook (cameo)

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