passionate love

Title: Passionate Love / Hot Love
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 50
Director: Bae Tae Sub
Screenwriter: Park Ye Kyung
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 20:45
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-28


The story of tragic love and success story of a man and woman who get tangled up in tragic destinies due to conflicts in their parents’ generation. The drama depicts how one generation’s problems can negatively affect the next generation.

Character Description

Kang Moo Yeol

A 3rd generation chaebol who has everything, but doesn’t have a good relationship with his family
and is scarred from the loss of his first love, Han Yoo Rim.

Han Yoo Jung

Has a tomboyish and unruly personality that helped her overcome the loss of her family.
Love interest of Kang Moo Yeol and Hang Soo Hyuk.

Han Yoo Rim

A beautiful college student and Kang Moo Yeol’s first love. Han Yoo Jung’s older sister.

Kang Moon Do

Kang Moo Yeol’s father. Marries woman he doesn’t love and has a bad relationship with Moo Yeol and his father-in-law

Hong Soo Hyuk

Kang Moo Yeol’s half brother and love rival for Han Yoo Jung

Jun Kwang Ryul as Kang Moon Do
Hwang Shin Hye as Hong Nan Cho
Jun Mi Sun as Yang Eun Sook
Sung Hoon as Kang Moo Yeol
Lee Won Geun as Kang Moo Yeol (young)
Choi Yoon Young as Han Yoo Jung
Lee Hye In as Han Yoo Jung (young)
Shim Ji Ho as Hong Soo Hyuk
Yeo Eui Joo as Hong Soo Hyuk (young)

People around Moo Yeol

Joo Hyun as Yang Tae Shin
Jin Seo Yun as Kang Moon Hee
Yoon Mi Ra as Jang Bok Hee
Woo Hee Jin as Yang Hye Sook
Oh Dae Gyu as Yoo Min Soo

People around Yoo Jung

Seohyun as Han Yoo Rim
Kang Shin Il as Han Sung Bok
Song Chae Hwan as Song Kyung Hee
Lee Han Wie as Ban Soo Bong
Jun Soo Kyung as Joo Nam Ok
Kim Yoon Seo as Ban Dal
Kim Hye Ji as Cha Mi Rae

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