Title: Rude Woman  / Outrageous Women
Chief Producer: Choi Chang Wook
Director: Lee Seung Ryul
Writer: Moon Hee Jung
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: MBC , Saturday & Sunday 9.40PM
Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-29 to 2006-Sep-24

A story inspired by “Desperate Housewives”, this is a korean version of it. Rude Woman (aka Outrageous Women) tells a story about Mi Joo, a divorcee who seek revenge on her ex-husband, Jung Suk, a surgeon who had remarried with his beautiful wife, Eun Young and their daughter Ha Na. Mi Joo then meets Rookie, a former baseball player who happened to be the owner of the house she rents in Korea upon her arrival after 10 years living in U.S with her son, Joon.

Yoo Ho Jung as Song Mi Joo
Im Ji Eun as Kim Eun Young
Jung Woong In as Jung Suk
Lee Ki Woo as Jang Woo Jin
Oh Joo Eun as Yang Da Rim
Sa Kang as Go Sang Mi
Choi Woo Je as Jo Tae Joon
Jung Joon Ha as Baek Uk Nyun
Park Ji Eon as Jung Ha Na
Kim Bum
Joo Ho
Jeon Won Joo as Chu Kil Yeon (nosy neighbor)
Choi Woo Je
Jang Dong Jik as Yang Ji Hwan (Sang Mi’s husband)
Kim Hyung Ja as Lee Bong Ja (Ji Hwan’s mom)

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