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Title: Only Love / Will Only Love
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 100+
Director: Ahn Kil Ho
Writer: Choi Yoon Jung
Broadcast network: SBS, Monday to Friday 19:20
Broadcast period: 2014-Jun-02


Flesh and adoption, rich and poor, overcome prejudice of youth, this is refreshing romance story of six young men and women and adults’ warm family stories surrounding them.

Character Description

Kim Taeyang

32 years old. Orthopedic surgeon.
1st son of Sangbae and Malsook. Actually, Taeyang is biological son of Sangbae’s elder brother. Before Taeyang was given to birth, his real father (=Sangbae’s elder brother) was died. As soon as Taeyang was given to birth, Sangbae adopted brother’s son as his own son.

Choi Yuri

32 years old. TV producer.
Daughter of Dongjun and Dongjun’s 1st wife. Dongjun’s 2nd wife (=Dongjun’s present wife) is Youngran.
Yuri and Yubin are twin. Both of them was raised with knowing that Youngran is their biological mother.

Kim Satbyul

25 years old. Malsook’s daughter.
She returns home 5 years later after she left home.
While she was still a high-school girl, she fell in love with a young boy. She was pregnant and run away from home.

Choi Jaemin

32 years old. Directing manager of ‘DS Apparel’
He looks like a person who never do mistakes. Moreover, he shows excessive love-of-cleanness.
But, actually, sometimes, he shows many empty place to make people smile.

Kim Uju

30 years old. Son of Malsook.
President of grocery shop in vegetable market.
While he was a high school boy, he insisted to do business early rather than wasting time in college. So, his last education was high school.

Kim Sangbae

58 years old. Father of Taeyang, Uju, Satbyul. Because his elder brother was famous in the whole village as a smart boy, Sangbae gave up his own school and started to make money to support elder brother’s school fee.

O Malsook

55 years old. Mother of Taeyang, Uju, Satbyul. Though she looks wild, actually, she is soft lady.

Yang Yangsoon

76 years old. Paternal grandmother of Taeyang. Mother of Sangbae. Though she became a young widow in her early age, she raised son very well. Her son, Sangbae, becomes a skillful doctor.

U Jumsoon

76 years old. Maternal grandmother of Taeyang. Mother of Malsook. Though talkative and plenty of mistakes, she is pure.

Kim Sua

5 years old. Daughter of Satbyul. She is a smart young girl. She shows no nonsense even though she’s just 5 years old. She often tries to read grandmother’s face.

Choi Dongjoon

60 years old. Father of Yuri. Director of ‘Sungjin Hospital’.
After Yuri-Yubin’s mother was died, he re-married to Youngran.

Lee Youngran

58 years old. Dongjun’s present wife. She was born as 1st daughter of poor family. When she was a nurse, she was pregnant with a baby. But, her lover died in accident.

Choi Yubin

32 years old. Twin of Yuri, Orthopedic surgeon.
He does not need more success or fame. Current possessions are enough!!!

Kang Minja

79 years old. Mother of Dongjun. Chairwoman of ‘Sungjin hospital’. After her husband passed away, she started to control hospital.
Strong-minded grandmother. The head of two families.

Choi Myungjoon

58 years old. Father of Jaemin. Owner of ‘DS apparel’
Since he married to Sukhee, daughter of wealthy family, he was inherited their fashion-business.

Hong Mirae

35 years old.
When she was a high school girl, as she was so wild, she used to command friends.
But, actually, her heart is so soft. She loves Uju so much. With only watching Uju, her eyes starts to wet with tears.

Main Cast

Tae Yang’s family
Seo Ha Joon as Kim Tae Yang (32)
Nam Bo Ra as Kim Saet Byul (25)
Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Woo Joo (30)
Jung Sung Mo as Kim Sang Bae (58)
Song Ok Sook as Oh Mal Sook (55)
Yoon So Jung as Yang Yang Soon (76)
Jung Hye Sun as Woo Jum Soon (76)
Han Seo Jin as Kim Soo Ah (5)

Yoo Ri’s family

Im Se Mi as Choi Yoo Ri (32)
Kil Yong Woo as Choi Dong Joon (60)
Lee Eung Kyung as Lee Young Ran (58)
Lee Hyun Wook as Choi Yoo Bin (32)
Seo Woo Rim as Kang Min Ja (79)

Jae Min’s family

Lee Kyu Han as Choi Jae Min (32)
No Young Kook as Choi Myung Joon (58)
Oh Mi Hee as Jung Sook Hee (56)

Mi Rae’s family

Kim Ye Won as Hong Mi Rae (35)
Lee Jung Eun as Park Soon Ja (56)


Kim Na Young
Shin Soo Jung
Joo Hyun Jin

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